b'Heel Cups and Lifts PEDIATRIC ORTHOSES Adjustable heel liftsFlat foot controlyou choose the height! High medial and lateral flanges provide specific control of calcaneus and medial column3 heights in 138 "14 "18 "5 medial post reduces Long lateral flangeand decelerates Peel to adjustcontrols abduction ofpronatory motion at in seconds the forefoot (H.A.V.) the subtalar jointHEEL CUPS AND LIFTS n Stabilizes rearfootDFS The young foot has more fat andsoft tissue in proporti on to bone. At this developmental stage, control is most easily achieved with an external device. DFS (Dynamic Foot Stabilizer) can control the position of the rearfoot. As a child matures through adolescence, One lift treats: symptoms such as heel pain and arch strain develop. Knee pain and leg cramps are also common. Treatment with the DFS can eliminate these symptoms. Also use for pronation as a result of having worn a Denis-Browne Bar, pediatric growing pains, and cookie replacement.Leg length Pelvic obliquity Plantar fasciitis Achilles tendonitis Sizing: Should be fit by trial and error. Sizes given are approximate with shoe size.n Peel-apart layers for precise height adjustment INFANT/CHILDCHILD/YOUTHAdjustable Heel Lifts Simply peel one orSizing: S measures 4"L x 33 16 "W.SHOE SIZEPRSHOE SIZEPRtwo layers at a time to adjust height precisely1 13 1 1 #60404HEEL LIFTEA 4-5 2 #602029-10 2 #60205to your patient. Set to 8 ", 4 ", or 8 ". Durable11 #64444HEEL LIFT KIT, ONE SIZE6/KIT 6-7#6020311-12 2 #60206leather cover with three resilient 8 " rubber layersSpecify Small.71 2 -81 2 #60204 13-131 2 #60207are tapered for comfort. Layers are firmly held together by peel-apart adhesive. Use bilaterally for1-21 2 #60208progressive treatment of plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis. Use with a post-op shoe to eliminate More Heel Liftspp. 18, 19the pelvic obliquity caused from the difference in FAX800.437.2966 leg length. Not made with natural rubber latex.Heel pain relief866.936.2987AliMed.comn Counteracts varus/valgus alignmentn Absorbs shock n Quickly mold to foots contours ViscoHeel K Heel CushionsCorrective measure for knock-knees or bandy legs. Raised Silicone Heel Cups help optimizeM-F Heel Protectors help relieve spurs andwedge can be placed medially or laterally to pressure distribution and shock absorptionfissured heels. Mold to patients foot. correct pronation/supination or varus/valgus to relieve heel spur pain. Large soft spotSizing: Junior fits all children.alignment, padding painful heel edges. cushions heel. 100% medical-grade silicone.Anatomically shaped. Medical-grade, visco- Low-profile. Use in dress or athletic shoes.#6658HEEL PROTECTOR6 PR/BX elastic, nonslip silicone.Sizing: S fits most children. Specify Junior. Sizing: Size 1, fits most children.#60814HEEL CUPPR #66682HEEL CUSHIONPRSpecify Small.Specify size 1. 170 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'