b'Postural and Hyperextension BracesSPINE AND PELVIS Provides directed anteriorand posterior compressionBackPDAC nFor pigeon chestAPPROVED n For vertebral compression fractures Trulife Pectus Carinatum OrthosesOff-the-shelf pectus carinatum bracing Miami Lumbar Posteo Orthoses providesolution provides directed anterior and POSTURAL AND HYPEREXTENSION BRACES functional and comfortable relief of vertebralposterior compression for pigeon chest. Fits n Unloader bracefor scoliosis fracture pain, facilitating a return to mobility. Lumbareasily under clothing. Front and back pads Peak Scoliosis Bracing SystemUnloadercompression system delivers active vertebralare trimmable, heat-moldable polyethylene. brace designed to relieve pain and enhanceoffloading and a better grip of patients hips. Cold- Ratchet closure for adjustable fit. One size fits the quality of life for adult scoliosis patients.moldable aluminum PTE provides stabilization withmost up to 39" chest circumference.Patented, highly adjustable brace has beenideal fit for different anatomies. Active offloadingLow-density polyethyleneAluminum shown to improve posture, enhance mobility,via thoracic extension and lumbar compression.#53536$213.75 eaincrease vital capacity, and ultimately increase aTrimmable axillary straps with adjustable tension. patients ability to perform activities of daily living. Integrated pulley system for customized fit. ExtraCalifornia residents, see below.Sizing: Measure waist circumference. One Sizecushioning around aluminum strut for minimized Adjustable, 24"-45"; S, 24"-30"; M, 29"-35"; L, 34"-40"; skin pressure.XL, 39"-45". #52696$296.75 ea #52702ONE SIZE ADJUSTABLE$1,725.75 ea Specify size. California residents, see below.TENS Units#52703S$1,725.75 ea#52704M$1,725.75 eaSIZEBACK LENGTHPTE LENGTHWAIST CIRC. online!#52705L$1,725.75 ea XS14"-17"14"26"-30"#52706XL$1,725.75 ea S17"-20"17"30"-34"California residents, see below.M19"-22"19"34"-38" AliMed.com/tens-unitsSuggested code: L1005 L21"-24"21"38"-42"Hyperextension Braces36" belt FAX800.437.2966 shownT34 T37 T39PDAC PDAC800.225.2610AliMed.com APPROVED APPROVEDn Latch-lock clamp closure for easy donning and doffing n Prevents forward flexionTrulife Hyperextension Spinal OrthosesT34 Sizing: Measure hip circumference: S, 30"-321/2"; Trulife Cash Orthoses for anterior hyper-with aluminum frame with swivel sternal pad andM, 321/2"-37"; L, 37"-41"; XL, 41"-45". Brace height:extension. Mobile, hinged pads accommodate user latch-lock clamp closure for easy donning andS, 17"-181 2 "; M, 171/2"-191/2"; L, 19"-21"; XL, 21"-23". with minimal bar-bending. Hook-and-loop closures.doffing. T34 model has an anatomically designedT37 Sizing: Measure hip circumference: S/M, 30"-37"; w/HINGED STERNAL AND PUBIC PADpubic pad and pelvic bar. Height and widthL/ XL, 37"-45". Brace height: S/M, 17"-191/2"; L/XL, 19"-23".#695636" BELT$275.00 eaadjustable. T37 model has an adjustable pelvicPelvic band length: S/M, 17"-19"; L/XL, 21"-231/2". #6595942" BELT$275.00 eaband. Medial/lateral and height adjustable. T39T39 Sizing: Measure hip circumference: S/M, 30"-37";#6596048" BELT$275.00 eamodel has an articulating, adjustable pelvic band.L/XL, 37"-45". Brace height, Tall: S/M, 17"-191/2"; L/XL, w/HINGED PECTORAL AND PUBIC PADPosterior pad may be used horizontally or vertically.19"-23". Brace height, Short: S/M, 15"-17"; L/XL, 17"-191/2".Medial/lateral and height adjustable. Not made with#52671T34$222.75 ea #695436" BELT$282.00 eanatural rubber latex. #52672T37$239.75 ea #6595742" BELT$282.00 eaRemovable pads are washable #52673T39$239.75 ea #6595848" BELT$282.00 eaSpecify size. California residents, see below.California residents, see below.Suggested code: L0472 Suggested code: L0472California Proposition 65 StatementWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the 170 State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov. 171'