b'Compression BandagesBeige Smiley PackCLINIC SUPPLIESKids PackNaturaln100% cotton, won\'t stretch lengthwiseTubigripBandagesCovered elastic threads form continuous spiral. Wont stretch lengthwise. 100% cottonWashable, autoclavableBeige or Natural SIZEW x LCOLORITEM #PRICE A11 2 "x 33\'NATURAL#4339$61.00 rlCOMPRESSION BANDAGESB21 2 " x 33\'NATURAL#4735$74.75 rlB21 2 " x 33\'BEIGE#4340$77.75 rlC23 4 " x 33\'NATURAL#4736$78.75 rlC23 4 " x 33\'BEIGE#4341$86.75 rl Tan PackD3" x 33\'NATURAL#4737$86.75 rl Color PackD3" x 33\'BEIGE#4342$93.00 rlE31 2 " x 33\'NATURAL#4738$98.00 rl n Multiple options available nEasy to tear, not made withE31 2 " x 33\'BEIGE#4343$114.75 rl CoFlexCohesive Bandages are self- natural rubber latexF4" x 33\'NATURAL#4739$111.75 rl adhesiveno clips or fasteners needed.CoFlex NL Cohesive BandagesSame F4" x 33\' BEIGE#4344$119.00 rl Maintains consistent compression with nonslipfeatures of CoFlex with added benefits of being G41 2 " x 33\'NATURAL#4740$124.00 rl support. Contains latex. easy to tear by hand and not made with natural G41 2 " x 33\'BEIGE#4345$149.00 rl rubber latex.California residents, see left page. COFLEX (CONTAINS LATEX)COFLEX NL (NOT MADE w/NATURAL RUBBER LATEX)SIZEQTYITEM #PRICESIZEQTYITEM #PRICE New sizes! 11 2 "W x 5 yds48 rl/cs#51892$66.75 cs ($1.39 rl) 1"W x 5 yds30 rl/cs#51-135$52.75 cs ($1.76 rl)3"W x 5 yds24 rl/cs#51894$52.75 cs ($2.20 rl) 11 2 "W x 5 yds48 rl/cs#51897$88.75 cs ($1.85 rl)6"W x 5 yds12 rl/cs#51896$52.75 cs ($4.40 rl) 2"W x 5 yds36 rl/cs#51-136$86.75 cs ($2.41 rl)Specify Tan, Color Pack, or Smiley Pack. (Color Pack not3"W x 5 yds24 rl/cs#51-137$77.75 cs ($3.24 rl)available in 6"; Smiley Pack not available in 11 2 ".)4"W x 5 yds18 rl/cs#51898$64.75 cs ($3.60 rl)California residents, see left page. 6"W x 5 yds12 rl/cs#51899$63.00 cs ($5.25 rl)Specify Tan, Color Pack, Smiley Pack, or Kids Pack. (Color Pack not available in 4" or 6"; Smiley Pack not available n More consistent compression thanin 11 2 "; Kids Pack not available in 1", 11 2 ", or 6".) elastic wrap California residents, see left page.FAX800.437.2966Compressogrip Tubular Elastic BandagesEasy to apply and conforms to contour of limb.Proven effective for edema reduction and control,interim control of hypertrophic scarring followingburn surgery, dressing, and monitoring deviceretention. Also smooths irregularities when casting. Single layer supportive (20-25 mmHg)AliMed.com 800.225.2610compression; double layer provides therapeutic(35-50 mmHg) compression at 50% stretch.Autoclavable.11 yds.92% polyester/8% spandexWhite SIZEFLAT CIRC.ITEM #PRICE WIDTHn Firm, flexible support n Edema controlA2"5"-7"#4044$38.00 rlB21 2 "7"-10"#4045$39.75 rl Standard Elastic BandagesContinuousCoban Elastic Wraps for edema control and C23 4 "8"-11"#41108$39.75 rl tension for firm-yet-flexible support.stump wrapping. Self-adhering. Contains latex.D3"9"-12"#4046$43.75 rl Cotton and rubberClips suppliedWhiteE31 2 "10"-13"#41201$55.75 rlSIZEQTYITEM #PRICE F4"12"-16"#4047$54.75 rlSIZEQTYITEM #PRICE1"W x 5 yds30 rl/bx#5987$53.75 bxG5"15"-20"#4048$58.75 rl 2"W x 5 yds10 rl/bx#4635$23.75 bx 2"W x 5 yds36 rl/bx#5988$109.75 bxJ6"18"-24"#4049$75.75 rl 3"W x 5 yds10 rl/bx#4636$24.75 bx 3"W x 5 yds24 rl/bx#5989$93.00 bxK8"24"-32"#41202$72.75 rl 4"W x 5 yds10 rl/bx#4637$22.75 bx 4"W x 5 yds18 rl/bx#98DRE3-39$89.00 bxL10"30"-40"#41203$72.75 rl 6"W x 5 yds10 rl/bx#4638$36.75 bx Tan only.California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. 213'