b'AmbulatorsBiomechanical and Conform Series StretchablesFOOT AND ANKLEWomens Mens Womens/Mens1270WB3000M/B3100MT2000/T2400 Conform Biomechanical Single Strap#66667 LACE OXFORD BLACK PR #65028 SINGLE STRAP BLACK LEATHER PR #66668* WMNS WIDE, MENS MED PRSee sizing below.See sizing below.#66670* WMNS XW, MENS WIDE PRSuggested code: A5500 Suggested code: A5500 #66672* WMNS XXW, MENS XWPR#66669** WMNS WIDE, MENS MEDPR#66673**WMNS XXW, MENS XW PRAMBULATORS1264W/1260WB4500M*Black only, specify Wmns or Mens. **Beige only, Conform Biomechanical specify Wmns or Mens. See sizing below. Suggested code: A55001200 Double Strap Oxford#65131 DOUBLE STRAP TAUPE LEATHERPR #66561 LACE 6" BLACK LEATHERPR#65130 DOUBLE STRAP BLACK LEATHERPR See sizing below. See sizing below.Suggested code: A5500Suggested code: A5500 #65141 WMNS PR#65041 MENS PR More APEX Wellness FootwearSee sizing below. at alimed.com/diabetic-shoes/ Suggested code: A5500Sizing and Widths All products with aPDACWellness Footwear Ambulator Stretchables suggested code are APPROVEDWmnsSizes: 5-11*, 12, 13Wmns1200 Wide: 41 2 -11*, 12, 13; XW: 6-14*; XXW: 7-13*Widths: M (B/C), W (D/E), XW (EE/3E) 1201 Wide: 5-13**; Wide: 6-14** Shoes are not returnable. MensSizes: 7-13*, 141209 Wide: 5-13**; XW: 7-14**; XXW: 8-14**Widths: M (C/D), W (E/2E), XW (3E/4E) Mens1200 M: 31 2 -11*, 12; Wide: 5-13*, 14, 15; XW: 6-13*, 14, 15 Public health statutes prohibit resale.FAX800.437.2966Ambulator Biomechanical1201 M: 4-12**; Wide: 5-14**and Conform Series 1209 M: 3-12**; Wide: 5-14**; Wide: 6-15**WmnsSizes: 41 2 -11*, 12, 13 T2000/T2400 StretchablesWidths: M (B/C), W (D/E), XW (EE/3E) WmnsWide: 41 2 -12*, 13; XW: 6-13; XXW: 7-13 Ball and Ring MensSizes: 61 2 -13*, 14, 15, 16MensMedium: 31 2 -11*, 12; Wide: 5-13*, 14, 15; XW: 6-13*, 14-15**Stretchers#7993 Widths: M (C/D), W (E/2E), XW (3E/4E)AliMed.com 866.936.2987AliMed.com*Includes half sizes. **Whole sizes only. Low profile and machine-washableGentleStep ShoesMolded outsole concealsSizing: Unisex, fits both Wmn and Men based on shoe extra depth and provides lower profile andsize. Wmns shoe sizes 51 2 -16, Mens shoe sizes 4-141 2 . enhanced style. Best for patients with forefootAll sizes available in 3 widths: Medium (B & C), Wide deformities or lesions. Fully breathable LYCRA(D & E), and Extra Wide (EE & EEE).upper reduces weight while increasing comfort.#66623MEDIUM PRFirm heel counter ensures stable and comfortable#66624WIDE PRfit. Machine-washable.#66625EXTRA WIDE PRSpecify size.LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 33'