b'Ankle Contracture Splints FOOT AND ANKLETurnbuckles forBilateral turnbuckles helpevery extremity reduce contractureTurnbuckle Ankle Orthoses enable clinician to apply progressive, low-loadTurnbuckle with triangular-Turnbuckle Knee, p. 88 stretch at ankle joint toshaped grip for easy control muscle imbalance and reduceadjustmentscontracture. Bilateral turnbuckles allow independent control of dorsiflexion 0 to 10/plantarflexion 0 to 35, and normal range to 45 inversion/25 eversion. Simply adjust turnbuckle to gradually modify angle ANKLE CONTRACTURE SPLINTSTurnbuckle Functional at ankle joint to facilitate stand ing and Position Splint, p. 135 walking. Turnbuckle with triangular-shaped grip easily adjusts with splint in place for optimal positioning.Fully lined with washable Turnbuckle Elbow, terrycloth-foam laminate. Soft, padded p. 147 calf and toe straps are built into liner. Separate, padded ankle strap is used to secure ankle against brace andSizing: S, Wmns Shoe Size 5-7, Mens 5-6; M,limit rubbing. Heel area is enlarged toWmns 8-11, Mens 6-9; L, Wmns 12+, Mens 10+.ensure heel does not rest on splint #66426ANKLE ORTHOSISEAimportant protection for sensitive skin.Must be used under a physicians supervision.Fits left or right.Specify size. Pediatric Ankle ContractureFlexion and extension pedi (ROM) FAX800.437.2966sizes can be setPDAC AliMed.com 866.936.2987APPROVEDn Dynamic spring-loaded goniometerSpring-Loaded Goniometer Ankle/Footlightweight frame, leaving no exposed metal. Pediatric ClassicOrthosesSpring-loaded goniometer helpsExpandable and adjustable toe post keeps sheets Night Splints provide gentle push to extension and preventsoff toes. Anti-rotation bar controls hip and leg plantarflexion. Degree of flexion and extensionrotation. Fits left or right.See all Pediatric Anklecan be set. Heel floats to prevent pressureSizing: One size fits up to Mens 12.Contracture Products areas. Removable, soft headliner cover treated with antimicrobial surface protection for greater#64327ANKLE/FOOT ORTHOSISEAp. 176 infection prevention. Soft padding coversSuggested code: E1815LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 47'