b'Hand/Thumb OrthosesNEW!Comfy models, sizes, and cover optionsWRIST AND HANDPDACAPPROVEDTerrycloth coverAdjustable thumb post Long Opponens PDACAPPROVEDLarge Pan n Butterfly frame for addedwrist/forearm supportComfyprene coverCuddler Hand/Thumb OrthosesSame HAND/THUMB ORTHOSES shown in Dark Blue features as Hand/Thumb Orthosis (at left) with Accommodates anyadjustable butterfly frame for additional support thumb position and better fit around the wrist and forearm. Soft, n Added thumb support removable, machine-washable Terrycloth cover. One size (Adult). Fits left or right. Navy. Hand/Thumb Orthoses with adjustable thumb post support the wrist and thumb without stretching theSizing: See chart below.thenar eminence. Adjustable metal frame bends to fit without heat or additional tools. Side wings prevent ulnar/radial deviation. Long Opponens model has 1" longer forearm length and Large Pan model has 1"#51721CUDDLER HAND/THUMB ORTHOSISEAlonger pan length. All models compatible with optional Finger Separator (sold separately on p. 129) to helpSuggested code: L3807/L3809prevent pressure. Choose soft, removable, machine-washable Terrycloth or new antimicrobial Headliner cover, or slim, nonremovable, surface-cleanable Comfyprene neoprene cover. Fits left or right.Sizing: See chart below, right. Pediatric sizes on p. 184.TERRYCLOTH, NAVYCOMFYPRENE#52882ADULT SMALL EA #52887ADULT SMALL, DARK BLUE EA#51711ADULT EA #52888ADULT SMALL, LIGHT BLUE EA#52881ADULT LARGE EA #52158*ADULT EA#52921ADULT, LONG OPPONENS EA #52885ADULT LARGE, DARK BLUE EA#52924ADULT, LARGE PAN EA #52886ADULT LARGE, LIGHT BLUE EA HEADLINER, NAVY *Specify Dark Blue or Light Blue.#52884ADULT SMALL EA Suggested code: L3807/L3809#52883ADULT EAFAX800.437.2966 PDACAPPROVEDn Added straps for support, positioningSpring-Loaded4-Strap Hand/Thumb OrthosesSame 866.936.2987AliMed.com Goniometer features as Hand/Thumb Orthosis (above, left) with four straps to position and support the hand, thumb, and fingers. Soft, removable, machine-washable Terrycloth cover. One size (Adult). Fits PDAC left or right. Navy.Goniometer joint APPROVED Sizing: See chart below. Pediatric sizes on p. 184.n Adjustable ROM #528944-STRAP HAND/THUMB ORTHOSIS EAGoniometer Hand/Thumb OrthosesSameSizing: See chart at right. Pediatric sizes on p. 184.Suggested code: L3807/L3809features as Hand/Thumb Orthosis (above) with#52917GONIOMETEREAGoniometer to allow for range of movement.#52933SPRING-LOADED GONIOMETEREACan be set to static position or to adjust flexion/ Suggested code: E1805 (Spring-Loaded Goniometer)COMFY HAND/WRIST ORTHOSIS SIZE CHARTextension in 5 increments. Spring-Loaded Goniometer has added spring that applies WRIST TO TIPTOTALdynamic stretch force to push wrist to desired SIZEOF MIDDLE FINGERLENGTHdegree of extension. Soft, removable, machine- ADULT SMALL6"7"11"washable Terrycloth cover. One size (Adult). FitsADULT7"8"121 2 "left or right. Navy. ADULT LARGE8" AND ABOVE133/4"130 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'