b'Compression Gloves and Sleeves WRIST AND HANDUse day or nightOpen FingerOpen TipBESTSELLER!Full Finger Full Fingern For burn edema or scar managementBio-Form GlovesNylon/spandex slip-on burn garment for control of edema and hyper trophic scars. Similar in design to Jobst Gloves. Full Finger coverage or Open Tip to preserve fingertip COMPRESSION GLOVES AND SLEEVESsensation. Fits left or right. Isotoner Therapeutic GlovesModerate Sizing: Measure circumference of hand over thecompression helps ease pain and swelling due metacarpal heads. S, 6"-634"; M, 634"-734"; L, 734"-9"; to arthritis or injury. Seams are on outside and XL, over 9". away from pain-sensitive areas. Use day or night #6325FULL FINGER EA during rest and activity. Compression estimated #6326OPEN TIP EA from circumference around knuckles at 23-32 Specify size.mmHg. Not made with natural rubber latex.Sizing: Measure circumference around MP joints. #52371OPEN FINGER PRXS, 412"-512" (11-14 cm); S, 512"- 612" (14-17 cm); #52372FULL FINGER PRM, 612"-712" (17-19 cm); L, 712"-812" (19-22 cm). Specify size. n Cut to sizeBio-FormDigi-Sleeves Slip on. Cut to length.nCompare to name brands 34 -Finger18"L Gentle Compression Gloves for edema Sizing: Measure circumference at widest part of nger.control. Equivalent performance to competitive If size is near smaller end of range, use smaller size. brands at a reasonable price. Sold individually, not #5093PETITE, 114"-134" EA in pairs.#5094S, 15 8 "-2" EA Comfortable LYCRA spandex blendBeige #5095M, 17 8 "-25 8 " EA #5096L, 23 8 "-27 8 " EASizing: Measure hand circumference at MP joints. #5097XL, 234"+ EA XS, 7"; S, 8"; M, 9"; L: 10".FULL FINGERFull FingerFAX800.437.2966#60611*WRIST EA#60613**FOREARM (14") EAIMAK THREE-QUARTER FINGER Arthritis Knee#60612*WRIST EASleeves *Specify size and Left or Right.p. 76 **One size. Specify Left or Right.AliMed.com 866.936.2987n Anti-slip gripIMAK Compression Arthritis and ActiveSizing: Measure width at knuckles. XS fits up to 234"; Gloves help relieve aches, pains, and stiffnessS, up to 31 8 "; M, up to 312"; L, up to 4"; XL, up to 412".associated with arthritis of the hands. Gloves#52509ARTHRITIS GLOVE PRoffer mild compression to help control swelling,#52510ACTIVE GLOVE PRincrease circulation, and promote healing. Soft, breathable cotton LYCRA keeps hands dry. NotSpecify size. made with natural rubber latex. Active Glove provides excellent grip with anti-slip design on fingers and palm. Active Glove LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 107'