b'NEW!Comfy models,Opposition Hand/Thumb Orthosessizes, and cover optionsWRIST AND HANDPDACAPPROVEDn Butterfly frame for addedwrist/forearm supportHeadliner cover Cuddler Opposition Hand/Thumb OrthosesSame features as Opposition Hand/OPPOSITION HAND/THUMB ORTHOSES Thumb Orthosis (at left) with adjustable butterfly frame for additional support and better fit around the wrist and forearm. Soft, removable, machine-PDAC washable Terrycloth cover. One size (Adult). Navy. APPROVED Comfyprene coverSizing: See chart below.shown in Dark Blue#51724HAND/THUMB ORTHOSISEAn Adjustable C-bar holds thumb in opposition Specify Left or Right.Suggested code: L3807/L3809Opposition Hand/Thumb OrthosesSame HEADLINER, NAVY features as Hand/Thumb Orthosis (p. 130) with#52865*ADULT SMALL, HEADLINER EAadjustable C-bar support to hold thumb in opposition.#52684*ADULT, HEADLINER EACompletely adjustable thumb enclosure positions MCP, PIP, and DIP joints. Accommodates for COMFYPRENEabducted or adducted thumbs. Side wings prevent#52928ADULT, LEFT, DARK BLUE EAulnar/radial deviation. Compatible with optional#52929ADULT, RIGHT, DARK BLUE EAFinger Separator (sold separately on p. 129) to#52930ADULT, LEFT, LIGHT BLUE EAprevent pressure. Choose antimicrobial Headliner#52931ADULT, RIGHT, LIGHT BLUE EAcover that is soft, removable, and machine- *Specify Left or Right. washable, or new slim Comfyprene neopreneSwivel joint for ulnarcover that is nonremovable and surface-cleanable. Suggested code: L3807/L3809 or radial deviationSizing: See chart below, right. Pediatric sizes on p. 185.PDACAPPROVEDFAX800.437.2966n Allows for ulnar or radial deviationDeviation Opposition Hand/Thumb OrthosesSame features as OppositionHand/Thumb Orthosis (above, left) with unique 866.936.2987AliMed.com swivel joint below the wrist that allows lateral and medial positioning to accommodate ulnar or radial deviation. Soft, removable, machine-washable Terrycloth cover. One size (Adult). Navy.Sizing: See chart below. Pediatric sizes on p. 185.#52908LEFT EAGoniometer joint #52909RIGHT EAn Added spring for dynamic stretch Suggested code: L3931Spring-Loaded Goniometer OppositionSizing: See chart at right. Pediatric sizes on p. 185.Hand/Thumb OrthosesSame features as COMFY HAND/WRIST ORTHOSIS SIZE CHARTOpposition Hand/Thumb Orthosis (above) with#52934SPRING-LOADED GONIOMETER OPPOSITION WRIST TO TIPTOTALadded spring that applies dynamic stretch toHAND/THUMB ORTHOSISEASIZEOF MIDDLE FINGERLENGTHpush wrist to desired degree of extension. Soft,ADULT SMALL6"7"11"removable, machine-washable Terrycloth cover.ADULT7"8"121 2 "One size (Adult). Navy.ADULT LARGE8" AND ABOVE133/4"132 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'