b'AFOsKAFOs FOOT AND ANKLE Thighn 90% less skin contact at ankle-foot area nFully adjustable Component Prefabricated Carbon#66700THIGH COMPONENTEA training bracesFiber KAFOs are stronger andSpecify size, see chart below. AFO and KAFO Training lighter than traditional plasticBraces include an adjustable KAFOs with 90% less skin#66701AFO COMPONENTEA double-action ankle joint, with contact at the ankle-foot area.Specify size (see chart below) and Left or Right. or without spring assist. Joint Open heel design eliminatescan swing freely or be set in potential sores and pressure#66702KAFO DROP-LOCK KNEE JOINTEA a fixed position. KAFO has a points. Dynamic posterior#66703KAFO POLYCENTRIC KNEE JOINTEA drop-lock hinge at knee joint. lateral carbon fiber AFOSpecify Knee Joint Size: A4, 1 4 "-3 4 "; A6, 3 16 "-3 4 "; Contraindicated for severe provides dorsi-assist and helpsB4, 1 4 "-5 8 "; B6, 3 16 "-5 8 "; C6, 3 16 "-1 2 "; C8, 1 8 "-1 2 ". edema and fragile skin. Fits Kneepropel the patient through theirMust order Thigh Component, AFO Component,left or right.Jam gait cycle. Choose free-motionand a Knee Joint to receive a complete KAFO.Adult: 240-lb. capacitypolycentric knee joint or drop- Suggested code (KAFO): L2036, L2820, L2755 Child: 110-lb. capacity lock knee joint that locks out at full extension. pedi Adult Brace AFOsKAFOs sizes KAFOTHIGH COMPONENT SIZEAFO COMPONENT SIZEPROXIMALDISTALPOSTERIOR MALLEOLUSTHIGH THIGHSHELLRELIEFFOOTPLATE SIZECIRCUM.CIRCUM.HEIGHTRANGELENGTHAFO COMPLETEXS17"-21"13"-16"13"21 2 "-31 2 "9"AFOS20"-24"15"-18"14"3"-4"10"ITEM #SIZEWT.HT. ADJ.QTYComponent M23"-27"17"-20"15"3"-4"11" #66245ADULT2.5 LBS13"-18"EAL26"-30"19"-22"16"31 2 "-41 2 "12" #66246CHILD2.75 LBS 9"-121 2 "EA KAFO COMPLETEPDAC #66247ADULT4 LBS 27"-363 4 "EAAPPROVED #66248CHILD1.5 LBS 203 4 "-251 4 "EAAliMedFREEDOM supports provide exactly what the name implies FREEDOMto function but with all the support required. FREEDOMmeans maintaining independence in daily activities while effectively restraining and controlling designated muscles and jointswhether at work, rest, or play!FAX800.437.2966 LIMITS MOTIONEASY TO FIT AND ADJUST FLEXIBLE SHELLWITHOUT LIMITING HAND FUNCTION FREEDOM Swedish AFOs FOR EASIER AMBULATIONFREEDOM Thumb Spicas Details, p. 57 FREEDOMDorsal PF Night SplintsDetails, p. 113 Details, p. 68866.936.2987AliMed.comFor Pediatric Bracing,see pp. 174, 17660 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'