b'Heel Suspension Positioners Protection in supine or lateral positionsFOOT AND ANKLEFoot Stabilizers Limits Comfortable support withrotationmalleoli and heel protection. Soft, breathable polyurethane foam wicks away heat and moisture. When used in a side-lying position, ankles are protected by side cutouts. 8"W x 15"L x 8"H#60608FOOT STABILIZER EA#60609FOOT STABILIZER4/CSn Moisture-wicking fabric Additional shipping charges may apply. Heel and Ankle Protectors protect heel and lateral malleolus. Heel is suspended and protected HEEL SUSPENSION POSITIONERSby multiple layers of moisture-wicking VentoAir fabric under calf. Soft, adjustable straps position the foot and ankle securely, leaving the toes and heel exposed. Not made with natural rubber latex.Sizing: Measure calf circumference. S/M, 8"-15"; M/L, 16"+.#66517HEEL AND ANKLE PROTECTOREASpecify size. n MicroSpring Textile lining with Effective pressure reliefpolyfill pillow stuffingof the heel DermaLiftHeel PillowsMicroSpring Textile supported by anatomical polyfill foundation evenly distributes offload pressure over the larger ankle and calf area. Machine-washable or wipe clean. Single hook-and- One size. Fits left or right.loop bridge strap #67103HEEL PILLOWEAFAX800.437.2966No heelcontact Nonslip rubber outsoleOpen Heel Orthosis AliMed.com 866.936.2987p. 31Join our email list!nSide vents keep feet cool nSoft ankle protectionHeel GuardsSoft, lightweight foam. SideAnkle Bumper SleevesThree layers of Stay up to date on vents help keep feet cool. Hook-and-loopMicroSpring Textilewrap around ankle to help new catalogs, productfasteners. Single-patient use. Not washable. protect malleoli. Foot stirrup helps to hold bumper promos, and more! One size. in place. Fits left or right.#70498HEEL GUARD PR Sizing: Measure around malleoli. If unsure, select larger size. S, 9" or less; M, 9"-11"; L, 11"-13"; XL, 13"+.AliMed.com/signup #66001ANKLE BUMPER SLEEVE EASpecify size.LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 51'