b'PDAC n Adjustable external straps FOOT AND ANKLEAPPROVED control dorsiflexionF. Multi-Podus Contracture AFOs with Adjustable Strap keep heel in floating position to prevent pressure areas while anti-rotation bar controls hip and leg rotation. Dorsiflexion straps MPO 2000prevent plantarflexion and ankle strap securesShown with Ambulation Padto prevent ankle flexion. Adjustable toe post accommodates all foot sizes. Antimicrobial surface protector shields against mold, mildew, stains, MPO 2000 Active bacteria, fungus, and algae. Removable, machine-washable, non-fleece headliner cover. Extender kit to pedi accommodate wider or edematous feet. Model with nDynamic flex action supplies sizes Ambulation Pad includes removable, soft, non-slip continuous counterforce outsole. Fits left or right.Sizing: Foot length universal (8"-13"approx. up to Mens D. MPO 2000 with Transfer Attachment16 shoe size); calf circ. up to 16".ANKLE CONTRACTURE BOOTSfloats the heel to eliminate pressure and/or friction, enhancing circulation to aid in healing. Dynamic flex#67050MULTI-PODUS CONTRACTURE AFO$85.00 eaaction supplies continuous counterforce to plantar#67049w/AMBULATION PAD$92.50 easurface of foot, assisting in correction of footdrop,California residents, see left page.foot/ankle contracture, and deformity. Breathable foam liner wicks moisture while maintaining skin integrity. Adjustable toe post keeps pressure off toes and can be positioned to the side for lateral/ nAvailable with soft cover featuringPDAC pedimalleolar ulcers. Includes rotator bar and nonskidantimicrobial surface protection APPROVED sizestransfer attachment. MPO 2000 Active providesG. Standard and Ambulating ContractureAdult Headliner all the same attributes as the MPO 2000 but withBoots elevate the heel by contours in the bootsAmbulating Boota low-profile, removable ambulatory attachment,shell. A cushioned, fleece-lined cover protects which attaches with a simple twist and lockthe heel, wicking moisture from skin to maintain motionno tools needed. skin integrity. Boot frame resists plantarflexion Sizing: Measure from heel to toe. Youth, 6"-7" (max. calfwhile providing a dynamic push to extension for circumference: 13"); S, 7"-8" (max. calf circumference: 15");correction of footdrop, foot-ankle contractures, and M, 8"-9" (max. calf circumference: 17"); L, 9"-10" (max. calfdeformity. Adjustable toe post relieves pressure circumference: 17"); XL, 10"-11" (max. calf circumference:on toes and adjusts to accommodate variation 19"); XXL, 11"-121/2" (max. calf circumference: 19"). in foot sizes. Anti-rotation bar is hidden under #66438*MPO 2000$131.75 ea fleece cover. Ambulating Boot adds a sole pad #66439**MPO 2000 ACTIVE$153.75 ea for transfers and limited ambulation. Both Adult ADULTSpecify size.models available with removable soft Headliner#64734STANDARD$84.75 ea*Transfer attachment not included with Youth or XXL. cover, featuring antimicrobial surface protection to#64733AMBULATING$117.75 ea**Not available in XXL or Youth sizes. shield against mold and mildew, stains, bacteria,#66742HEADLINER STANDARD$80.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.fungus, and algae. #66743HEADLINER AMBULATING$112.75 eaSizing: Adult: One size fits foot lengths 8"-13", calf Suggested code: L4936MPO 2000, L4942MPO Active PEDIATRICcircumferences 12"-16", and foot widths A to EE. Heel to#66886STANDARD$69.75 eaFAX800.437.2966top back of boot measures 111/2". Pediatric: One size fits foot lengths 5"-8" and calf circumferences up to 11". Heel#66887AMBULATING$74.75 eato top back of boot measures 7". Fits shoe size Childs 51/2California residents, see left page. to Youth 3. Suggested code: L4396n Synthetic sheepskin linerH. Multi Podus Ankle ContracturePDAC pedi AliMed.com 800.225.2610Systems apply 10-25 lbs. of counterforce to APPROVED sizesplantar foot surface. Lightweight Kydex shell.Toe cap, anti-rotation bar, nFits larger calf Washable, synthetic sheepskin liner.and transfer attachment circumferences Sizing: Adult, measure from heel to toe. S, 7"-8" (max. calfincludedcircumference: 16"); M, 8"-9" (max. calf circumference: 16"); E. SoftPro Bariatric In-Bed AFOsL, 9"-10" (max. calf circumference: 18"); XL, 10"-11" (max. calf circumference: 20"). Pediatric, measure the length of suspend heel and position ankle to help prevent1 1 1plantarflexion contracture. Anti-rotation bar andfoot. Toddler 32 "-42 "; Child 42 "-6"; Youth 6"-7".adjustable toe post assist positioning and keep#62381S$137.75 eabedding off toes. Low-profile back and plush fleece#62382M$137.75 ealiner ensure superior comfort. Nonskid bottom for#62383L$137.75 ea Adultassisted transfers.#62384XL$139.75 eaSizing: One size fits calf circumference 21"-32". Foot plate#65362*PEDIATRIC$139.75 ea10"L, 14"L w/toe post. *Specify Toddler, Child, Youth. Transfer attachment not #66400$141.00 ea available for Pediatric models. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.Suggested code: L4396 51'