b'n Edgeless sole for better balance and mobilityFOOT AND ANKLEOvation Medical Gen2 Walker BootsLightweight yet durable sculpted frame comfortably accommodates a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Edgeless sole automatically adjusts to individuals ProStepSideKickgait patterns, providing a balanced, low-profile, wide platform for stability. Shock-pod shock-absorber One-pieceFixed,transfers 50% less energy to injured limb upon heel design malleable strike. Pneumatic models have ergonomic pump uprightsand integrated single push-button release. New patient-friendly pump is contoured and repositioned to eliminate pressure and discomfort. Fits left or right.Sizing: XS, Wmns 31 2 -51 2 , Mens 2-4; S, Wmns 6-8, Mens 41 2 -7; M, Wmns 81 2 -111 2 , Mens 71 2 -101 2 ; L, Wmns 111 2 -131 2 , Mens n Removable heel pads and101 2 -121 2 ; XL, Wmns 131 2 +, Mens 121 2 +.nonskid rocker sole #66543SHORT EA#66542STANDARD EACAM WALKERSProStepWalkersSturdy, one-piece design with#66541SHORT, PNEUMATIC EAopen heel and integrated strapping. SideKick has#66540STANDARD, PNEUMATIC EA Short, Pneumatic Standard, Pneumaticfixed, malleable uprights for comfortable stability.Specify size. Great for acute ankle sprains, soft-tissue injuries, and lower leg and ankle-stress fractures, as well as stable fractures of the ankle. Fits left or right.n Rigid shell, removable linerSizing: S, Wmns up to 7, Mens up to 6; M, Wmns 7-11, Mens 6-10; L, Wmns 11+,Mens 10+. Body Armor WalkersProvides protection, #62997PROSTEP EA compression, and immobilization for foot and #62998SIDEKICK EA ankle conditions where ambulation is permitted. Specify size.Alternative to a weight-bearing cast for compliant patients. Choose standard or short length. Rigid shell provides uniform compression to help reduce edema and secure immobilization. Ski-boot closure. Removable, washable liner. Fits left or right.LowHigh1 1 1Sizing: S, Wmns 7-8, Mens 6-7; M, Wmns 9-11, Mens Version Version 8-101 2 2 2 2 Low-Top; L, Wmns 12+, Mens 11-14. #66617HIGH-TOP EA#66618LOW-TOP EASpecify size.High-TopReduce pressure on woundsPDAC nFits most standard walker bootsn Raised air vent, built-in liner APPROVED PegAssist Walker3 mm PORON FAX800.437.2966Body Armor Walker IIBuilt-in vented linerOff-Loading InsoleCushioning coverand raised cooling vents for greater comfort.SystemMulti-Removable multidensity insoles allow offloading.indication removablePlastazote Locking ratcheted closures permit easy removalpeg chassis effectively for cleaning, wound care, and dressing changes.off-loads the plantar Flexible upper conforms to leg. Adjustableaspect of the footEVAcircumferential compression reduces edemaafter surgery or whenplantar pegsAliMed.com 866.936.2987and promotes healing. Fits left or right. wounds are present. Sizing: XS, Wmns up to 4, Mens up to 3; S, Wmns 41 2 -61 2 ,Reduces pressure by as Mens 31 2 -6; M, Wmns 7-10, Mens 61 2 -9; L, Wmns 101 2 -13,much as 60% while still Mens 91 2 -13; XL, Mens 131 2 -17. allowing wearer to remainStabilizer ambulatory. Stabilizer boardboard HIGH VERSION has a low-profile moldedMolded #66255XS EA hook strip and adheres tohook strip#66256S EA liner to prevent shifting #66257M EA while walking. UniversalRemovable pegs #66258L EA style allows the system to fitfor a custom fit Removable pegs#66259XL EA most standard walker boots. LOW VERSION Sizing: XS, Wmns 31 2 -61 2 , Mens 2-41 2 ; S, Wmns 61 2 -9, #66619*WALKER II EA Mens 5-71 2 ; M, Wmns 91 2 -12, Mens 8-101 2 ; L, Wmns#66751OFF-LOADING INSOLE SYSTEM EA*Specify size.121 2 -15, Mens 11-13; XL, Wmns 15+, Mens 14+. Specify size. Suggested code: L4360MORE CAM WALKERSP. 74LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 73'