b'Achilles Tendon SupportsFOOT AND ANKLEnWing-like insert with nodules massage AchillesDeveloped at theAchilloTrain Pro Achilles Tendon SupportsMayo Clinic Viscoelastic wing-like insert with soft, proprioceptive stimulating nodules runs alongside Achilles tendon for intermittent compression to reduce edema and accelerate n Decreases healing. Nonbinding, breathable knit remains cool. Short knit in foot area prevents pressure points on the fifth metatarsal. force on Effective for tendonitis, strains, bursitis, and post-Achilles Achilles tendon tendon rupture. Fits left or right. Shown in Achilles Tendon Straps d ecrease tensileAvailable in Titanium, Nature, or Black Titaniumforces on Achilles tendon by dispersing muscleSizing: Measure circumference at narrowest part of ankle. Size 1, contraction forces. Encourages early heel rise.63 4 "-71 2 "; Size 2, 71 2 "-81 4 "; Size 3, 81 4 "-9"; Size 4, 9"-93 4 "; Size 5, Sizing: Measure circumference at widest portion of ankle.93 4 "-103 4 "; Size 6, 103 4 " -111 2 ".S, less than 101/2"; M, 101 2 "-111/2"; L, 111/2"-121/2". #64945$103.00 ea#6126S$28.75 ea Specify size and color.ACHILLES TENDON SUPPORTS#6127M$28.75 ea California residents, see left page. #6128L$28.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.n Integrated heel wedgeSleeves for compression andAchilloTrainSupportsBreathable knit remains cool. protection Viscoelastic insert runs alongside Achilles tendon for uniform application of targeted-pressure massage effect Malleolarduring movement. Integrated visco elastic heel wedge Gel Sleevesrelieves Achilles tendon pain (raises heel about 6 mm). Gel pads cushionVisco-GEL Separate heel cushion included for unaffected leg to offset malleoli andshown length difference. Used for tendonitis, Achilles bursitis, andShown in protect againstas follow-up treatment of Achilles tendon rupture.Titaniumfriction andAvailable in Titanium, Nature, or Blackchafing. SleevesSizing: Measure circumference above malleoli. Size 1, 63 4 "-71 2 ";help reduceSize 2, 71 2 "-81 4 "; Size 3, 81 4 "-9"; Size 4, 9"-93 4 "; Size 5, 93 4 "-103 4 "; pressure duringSize 6, 103 4 "-111 2 ".sports and serve#64924$101.75 eaas a protective layer in boots andSpecify size, Left or Right, and color.braces, offeringCalifornia residents, see left page. mild compression to ankle. Fits left or right. One size. n Gel pad protects posterior heel from friction#60167SILIPOS$25.75 ea Achilles Heel Protection SleevesGel pad protects #65563PEDIFIX VISCO-GEL$21.00 ea posterior of heel from friction. Sleeve applies gentle FAX800.437.2966California residents, see left page. compression. For Achilles tendonitis, bursitis, and pump bumps (Haglund deformity). Fits left or right.Sizing: Measure circumference at ankle. S/M, 7"-10"; L/XL, 9"-12".SILIPOS Visco-GEL #60583S/M$23.25 ea shown#60588L/XL$26.25 ea AliMed.com 800.225.2610 PEDIFIX VISCO-GEL#65561S/M$20.75 ea#65562L/XL$21.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.nBreathable knitCompression Ankle SupportsFour-way ankle compressionwithn Protects top of foot and Achillesreinforced, triangular, closed heel for comfort,Gel pad with mobility, and longer wear. Helps reduceVisco-GEL Achilles/Dorsum Two-Way Protectionmineral oilswelling and does not retain heat or moisture.SleevesGel pad with mineral oil to soften skin protects top Fits in most shoes. Fits left or right.of foot and Achilles tendon. Guards against abrasions caused Sizing: Measure circumference just above ankle bone;by athletic footwear without added bulk. Fits left or right.S, 734"-81/2"; M, 81/2"-91/2"; L, 91/2"-1014"; XL, 1014"-11". Sizing: S fits most Women; L fits most Men.#63013$14.25 ea #65566S$23.75 eaSpecify size. California residents, see left page. #65567L$23.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. 73'