b'Ankle Contracture SplintsFOOT AND ANKLEPDAC Bilateral turnbuckles helpAPPROVED reduce contractureKodelTurnbuckle linerAnkle OrthosesTurnbuckle with triangular-enable clinician toshaped grip for easy apply progressive,adjustmentslow-load stretch at ankle joint to control muscle imbalance and reduce contracture. Bilateral turnbuckles allow independent control of n Separate bilateral adjustments dorsiflexion 0 to 10/plantarflexion Multi Podus Phase II Ankle Contracture0 to 35, and normal range to 45 SystemsSeparate bilateral adjustmentsinversion/25 eversion. Simply adjust control static stretch of plantar flexors from 40turnbuckle to gradually modify angleANKLE CONTRACTURE SPLINTSplantarflexion to 10 dorsiflexion. Accommodatesat ankle joint to facilitate stand ing andpatient with increased muscle tone and resultingwalking. Turnbuckle with triangular-shaped spasticity. Ankle strap reduces inversion or eversiongrip easily adjusts with splint in place for that often accompanies plantarflexion contractures.optimal positioning.Heel clearance helps prevent pressure injuries. ToeFully lined with washable terrycloth-foam post keeps bed linens off toes. Rotator bar controlslaminate. Soft, padded calf and toe straps areSizing: S, Wmns Shoe Size 5-7, Mens 5-6; M,internal/external rotation of lower extremity.built into liner. Separate, padded ankle strap isWmns 8-11, Mens 6-9; L, Wmns 12+, Mens 10+.Lightweight Kydex shell with washable Kodelused to secure ankle against brace and limit liner. Fits left or right. rubbing. Heel area is enlarged to ensure heel#66426$216.75 eadoes not rest on splintimportant protectionMust be used under a physicians supervision.Sizing: Measure foot length. Adult Average, 7"-10"L; for sensitive skin. Fits left or right.Specify size. California residents, see left page.Large, 91 2 "-13"L. #62385AVERAGE$239.75 ea#62386LARGE $239.75 ea Turnbuckles for every extremity#62716*REPL. KODEL LINER$217.75 ea Turnbuckle Knee, p. 94 Turnbuckle Functional Turnbuckle Elbow,*Specify Average or Large size.Position Splint, p. 141 p. 153California residents, see left page. Suggested code: L4396New and improved!PDAC Dressing changes made easyAPPROVEDFAX800.437.2966nPerfect contracture boot for burns or post-surgicalFlexion andEasy Access Foot Splints are large Use with external xationextensionenough to accommodate even the bulkiestFoam liners help air to circulate and (ROM)dressings. Allows unlimited access to the foot soreduce moisture buildupcan be set dressings are easy to change. Perfect for Harrington rod surgery, healing wounds, neurological patients, Heel cutout for pressure reliefor patients who require prolonged bed rest. Adjust to desired angle for plantarflexionAliMed.com 800.225.2610The stabilized leg rests on a wide, open-sided legor dorsiexion; full range of motionn Dynamic spring-loaded trough that is afxed to a movable foot plate. Access to the foot and dressing is unhindered. Foot doesEasy access to footSpring Ankle Foot OrthosesSpring-loadednot rotate medially or laterally. The foot trough andand dressinggoniometer allows for progressive ankle extensionleg plate form a wide, U-shaped base that stabilizes and dorsiflexion. Boot positions heel in floatingthe foot in an upright position. The foot can be position to prevent pressure areas. New super-softsecurely positioned at other angles of plantarflexion headliner cover is treated with an antimicrobialor dorsiexion by crossing the straps over the foot. surface protector to shield against mold andHeel cutout protects against ulceration. Angled leg mildew, stains, bacteria, and fungus and algae.trough lifts the heel off the bed. Soft, 1 12 "-thick egg-Soft padding covers lightweight frame, leaving nocrate liners attach with VELCRO-brand strips and exposed metal. Toe post is now expandable andare easily replaced. adjustable to keep sheets off of toes. Anti-rotationSizing: One size fits all adults.bar controls hip and leg rotation. Fits left or right. #6085ADULT SPLINT$91.75 eaSizing: One size fits up to Mens 12. #6086REPL. LINERS, 6/cs$115.75 cs#64327$156.75 ea California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page. Suggested code: E1815 53'