b'Palm Protectors and Finger SeparatorsWRIST AND HANDn Reduces risk of contracture n Aligns fingers comfortablyHand/Finger Contracture Cushions Swanson Hand ConesShaped to t w/Finger SeparatorPadded cushion witha partially closed st. Hook-and-loop strap elastic band and soft, removable Terrycloth coverkeeps cone in place. Each nger has its own helps reduce risk of contractures, skin breakdown,contoured resting place. No injury-causing hard and plantar maceration. Cushioned fingeredges. Firm rubber construction does not stimulate separator helps prevent pressure areas betweenBetter than conventionalnger exion or spasticity. Developed by Alfred digits. Fits left or right. hand cones Swanson, FACS. Fits left or right. One size.NavySmall: 2"W x 41/2"L53/4" circ.Elastic strap: 51/2"LFirm rubberBlack Large: 2"W x 43/4"L61/2" circ.Elastic strap: 9"L #5875 HAND CONEEA#52880ADULT SM. EA#52879ADULT LG. EAPALM PROTECTIONn Wont flatten out nComfortably accommodates severe Palm Pillows1 12 " of MicroSpring Textile rolledcontractureinto a pillow keeps fingernails from digging intoFinger SeparatorsLike the Palm Pillow (left) palms. Fits left or right. Product not returnable ifbut with four soft layers of MicroSpring Textile opened. between each finger. Adjustable soft band with Sizing: S fits most smaller Wmn and Men. L fits largerhook-and-loop fastener. Fits left or right. One size. Wmn and most Men. Product not returnable if opened. #52390PALM PILLOW EA #52135FINGER SEPARATOR EA#5239006PALM PILLOW6/CS #5213506FINGER SEPARATOR6/CSSpecify S or L.n Wide comfort strapGripRollsFirm padded foam cylinders upholstered in soft, washable fabric. Hook-and-loop closure. Fits left or right. One size. nInflatable bladder promotes extension FAX800.437.2966 7"L x 11/2" diameterWashable Air Hand RollsInflatable roll slides easily #51273GRIPROLL EA through contracted hands by pulling on attached string. Once in place, inflate bladder to desired size to promote extension. Available with Finger Separator for finger control. Soft, removable antimicrobial Headliner cover. Fits most Comfy 866.936.2987AliMed.com Finger Separator splints and left or right. One size.11/2"W x 41/2"LNavy#52877AIR HAND ROLL EA#52878W/FINGER SEPARATOR EAn Support and moisture controlHand OrthosesFirm cylinder with adjustable strap made with Ventopedic fabric that offers cushioning support and moisture control for handn Inflatable for gradual liftingpositioning. Fits left or right. Not made with naturalPucci Air Short Opponens Orthoses inflate rubber latex. to gradually lift flexed fingers away from palm. Machine-washable and dryer-safeIncludes one fabric cover, laundry bag, and hand Sizing is determined by cylinder circumf erence:bulb inflator. One size.XS, 312"; S, 412"; M, 512", L, 6". #510274SHORT OPPONENS ORTHOSIS EA#52499HAND ORTHOSIS EA Specify Left or Right. Specify size.104 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'