b'n Dorsal and palmar stayWRIST AND HANDLace-Up Wrist Supports for carpal tunnel syndrome, post-operative stabilization after cast removal, wrist sprains, and tendonitis. 8" length promotes wrist stabilization without limitingDorsal and palmar staysmobility. Removable contoured volar stay is adjustable to allow proper wrist positioning. Malleable dorsal stay gives additional support. Deluxe, ultra-suede, perforated fabric with soft inner lining wicks moisture for added patient comfort. Patients with limited dexterity will benefit from easy, slip-on application andingle-action lace closure.8"LPerforated ultra-suede fabric with soft inner lining Easy hook-and-loop Sizing: Measure wrist circumference. S, 5"-6"; M, 6"-7";cinch closureL, 7"-8"; XL, 8"-9". #5805$24.47 eaWRIST IMMOBILIZERSSpecify size and Left or Right. California residents, see left page.n Repositionable stayfits left or rightConventional Neoprene Universal Wrist Supports reduce inventory because they fit either hand. Great savings for the smaller clinic. The pocket that holds the stay is attachedFlexible neoprene secures with a hook-and-loop closure. Excellent wristwith hook-and-loop closuresstability. Fits left or right.Sizing: S/M fits most Wmn; M/L fits most Men.#510366 $36.00 eaSpecify size. California residents, see left page. Repositionable stay pocket attaches with hook-and-loop closureFAX800.437.2966nViscoelastic support pads protect nerves and bony protrusions against pressure peaks Adjustable, removable stay AliMed.com 800.225.2610ManuTrainWrist SupportsActive support thatincreases the level of stabilizationstabilizes the wrist. Two viscoelastic support pads protect the nerves and bony protrusions against pressure peaks, and offer a gentle massage action during movement. Adjustable, removable stay increases the level of stabilization, which is further enhanced with a VELCRO-brand strap. Breathable knit with seam-free comfort zone between thumb and index finger to protect sensitive compartments against irritation when gripping. 6"LCanvas constructionAluminum palmar staySizing: Measure wrist circ. Size 1, 51/2"-6"; Size 2, 6"-614";Size 3, 614"-634"; Size 4, 634"-7"; Size 5, 7"-71/2"; Size 6, 71/2"-734". Shown in Titanium#52689$84.75 eaSpecify size, Left or Right, and Titanium, Black, or Nature. California residents, see left page.127'