b'Resting SplintsWRIST AND HANDBends to accommodate any wrist angleULTRApadded Grip Orthoses are ultra-comfortable. Custom-fit these orthoses by bending the foam-covered wire platform to accommodate any wrist angle.Unique tabs at thumb web space position and stabilize hand. No thumb abduction. Self-padded terrycloth cover is removable and washable. Save on inventorysplint fits left or right hand. Finger separator (included) can be removed if not required. Includes laundry bag. Turquoise.Sizing: One size fits larger Wmn and most Men. Maximum width at MP joints: 41 4 ". Maximum length from longest fingertip to midpalm: 51 4 "+. RESTING SPLINTS#510327ULTRAPADDED GRIP ORTHOSIS EAShown in Light Blue Removable finger separator helps prevent pressure between fingersFAX800.437.2966PDAC PDAC PDACnProgressive increase in APPROVED nAllows finger motion APPROVED n Adjustable wrist hinge APPROVEDhand/wrist/finger extension Wrist Cock-Up Orthoses support wrist Adjustable Cone Hand Orthoses help treat Flex Hand OrthosesAdjustable metal frame onin extension while keeping fingers free. Adjustableand prevent strong flexion synergy of fingers andAliMed.com 866.936.2987volar surface bends to fit without heat or additionalmetal frame bends to accommodate infinitewrist. Adjustable, lockable hinge at wrist helps tools and allows for progressive increases in hand/ degrees of extension without heat or additionalincrease wrist extension. Worn on the lateral wrist/finger extension. Soft, removable, machine- tools. Slim, nonremovable, surface-cleanableside of arm with fingers positioned around the washable Terrycloth cover. One size (Adult). Navy. Comfyprene neoprene cover in Dark Blue orcone. Removable finger separator helps prevent Sizing: See chart below. Light Blue. Fits left or right.pressure between fingers. Adjustable metal frame Sizing: See chart below, left. Pediatric sizes on p. 182. bends to fit without the use of heat or additional #52918LEFT EA tools. Soft, removable, machine-washable #52919RIGHT EA #52936ADULT SMALL, DARK BLUE EA Headliner cover is antimicrobial. One size (Adult). Suggested code: L3807/L3809 #52937ADULT SMALL, LIGHT BLUEEA Fits left or right. Navy.#52155*ADULT EA Sizing: See chart at left. Pediatric sizes on p. 182.*Specify Dark Blue or Light Blue. COMFY HAND/WRIST ORTHOSIS SIZE CHART Suggested code: L3908 #52483ADJUSTABLE CONE HAND ORTHOSIS EA WRIST TO TIPTOTAL Suggested code: L3915/L3916 SIZEOF MIDDLE FINGERLENGTHADULT SMALL6"7"11"ADULT7"8"121 2 "ADULT LARGE8" AND ABOVE133/4"LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 127'