b'WristHandThumb OrthosesWRIST AND HANDMatches any finger position, from contracted to full extensionOmni Progressive WHT Orthosis With its comfortable, padded terrycloth liner, high degree of adjustability, and unprecedented ease of use, this WHT orthosis is superior to custom splints for managing contractures. No heat requiredsimply bend to fit. Malleable aluminum splint is adjustable in all areas: forearm, wrist, fingers, and thumb. Top and bottom are laminated with flexible cloth-covered foam, protecting wearer from metal edges and cushioning the resting surface. Padded, removable, and washable terrycloth liner absorbs perspiration. Comfortable Comfort and skin protection mean better patientStrong but malleable corepadded linercompliance, and that means improved contractureis adjustable in all areasmanagement. Finger portion of splint offers a natural RESTING SPLINTSresting trough for each finger, helping to keep them appropriately aligned. Can also be rolled or bent to accommodate any contracture and can be modified for use in progressive splinting. Wrist angle may beYou asked, we listened:modified from 75 of flexion to 45 of extension;Long option!thumb piece can be adjusted to accommodate any degree of abduction or flexioneven forearm cuff can be adjusted to accommodate any size.Sizing: Standard fits most Wmn; Long fits larger Wmn and most Men. Roll finger #510741STANDARD$94.75 ea platformto match #510742STANDARD REPLACEMENT SOFT GOODS contracturew/LAUNDRY BAG$57.75 ea#513414LONG$90.75 ea 32" longer at the forearm for #513415LONG REPLACEMENT SOFT GOODSw/LAUNDRY BAG$55.75 ea improved wrist extension controlSpecify Left or Right.31" longer at the fingers for California residents, see left page. Adjustable thumb post better fitFAX800.437.2966Cuddler Hand ThumbThumb strapnPivoting thumb support AliMed.com 800.225.2610Rolyan HANZ WHFOWrist/hand/fingern Numbered strappingorthoses with pivoting thumb abductor and medial/ Cuddler Hand Splints for improved lateral thumb supports. Optimal positioning foradjustability at wrist and forearm. Opposition the most difficult thumb contractures. MoldableThumb has thumb tab to allow control of thumb forearm trough. Soft, padded diagonal straps withabduction without stretching thenar eminence. color-coded attachments aid in application and staffHand Thumb has a fully adjustable C-bar to training. One-piece liner is launderable. Laundry bagposition the thumb and an elastic strap keeps and finger separators included (not shown). the thumb in place. All joints are independently Sizing: Measure length from wrist crease to tip of middleadjustable. One size. Hand Thumb model fits left finger and across MPs at widest part. If between sizes,or right.choose larger size. XS, 534"-61/2"L, 234"-3"W; S, 61/2"-714"L,Cuddler Opposition 3"-314"W; M, 71/2"-8"W, 314"-4"L; L, 8"+ L, 4"+ W. #51721CUDDLER HAND THUMB$103.75 ea Thumb#51724*CUDDLER OPPOSITION THUMB$109.75 ea#52140RIGHT$74.75 ea *Specify Left or Right. PDAC#52141LEFT$74.75 ea California residents, see left page.APPROVEDSpecify size. California residents, see left page. Suggested code: L3807139'