b'Athletic FootwearSports Compression Socks FOOT AND ANKLE Athletic FootwearPDACStability and comfort APPROVEDfor optimal performance Suggested Code Constructed with the most advanced techno- Rhino and Reina Runners feature aA5500logical features for optimal performance andLockdown Heel StrapWomenscomfort with midfoot and rearfoot stability, pressure relief to the calcaneous, and shockX-Last attenuation for the foot and musculoskeletalX532Wsystem.X-Last Series: Superior motion control; Carboplast footbridge for stability; slip-resistant rubber outsole for traction;516 " removable depth in two layers. #66666REINA RUNNER PERIWINKLEPRV-Last Series :More aggressive lug design that accommodates anyATHLETIC FOOTWEARSPORTS COMPRESSION SOCKS for traction; lighter weight and increasedAFO or brace torsional rigidity; firmer EVA under arch; multi-density midsole with supporting shank; 516 " removable depth in two layers. X-LastMens V-Last X532M V950MMore Apex Athletic Footwearat AliMed.com/footwear #66097RHINO RUNNER BLUEPR #66315DOUBLE STRAP WALKER BLACK PRShoes are not returnable.Sizing and Widths: Wmns: Sizes: 41 2 -11, 12, 13; Widths: M (B/C), W (D/E), XW (2E/3E). Mens: Sizes: 61 2 -13, 14, 15; Widths: M (C/D), W (E/2E), XW (3E/4E).Sports Compression Socksn Breathable performance fabric Charcoal/ Charcoal/ Graduated Compression SocksRivera Polar Performance and Recovery help improve circulation in the legs, ankles, and feet. Helps reduce FAX800.437.2966 muscle vibration, which may cause soreness and fatigue. HYDRASHADE fabric with UPF 50+ protectionHYDRASHADE nTargeted compression zones is extremely durable withUV protection fabric moisture management andUPF 50+Sports Compression SocksBall & Racket CHARCOAL/RIVERA breathability. Antimicrobial 866.936.2987AliMed.com Fast acceleration, cutting, jumping, and sudden treatment helps control odors.* stops put the ankle and calf under stress. Special SIZE SHORTLONGQTY Sizing: XS, Wmns 5-7, Mens 4-6; S, Wmns 7-9, Mens 6-8; compression zones target these areas to improveS#29580053000021#29580053000031 PR M, Wmns 9-11, Mens 8-10; L, Wmns 11-13, Mens 10-12; XL, agility and stability. Muscle-toning zone helpsM#29580053000022#29580053000032 PR Wmns 13-15, Mens 12-14; XXL, Wmns 15-17, Mens 14-16.reduce muscle vibrations, taping zone surroundsL#29580053000023#29580053000033 PR #6688415-20 MMHG RECOVERY PRthe ankle in a figure eight to increase stability andXL#29580053000024#29580053000034 PR #6688320-30 MMHG PERFORMANCE PRbody awareness, and relief cut-out zones protectSpecify size. against pressure and rubbing on the Achilles CHARCOAL/POLAR *The antimicrobial treatment is intended to protect the tendon. Highly elastic-knitted fabric providesgarment and does not extend protection to the skin. medical-grade compression. Breathable high-tech SIZE SHORTLONGQTYmicrofiber feels good on the skin. S#29580053200021#29580053200031 PR20-30 mmHg93% polyamide/7% LYCRA M#29580053200022#29580053200032 PR Machine-washable L#29580053200023#29580053200033 PR Donning Sizing: Measure circumference of calf at thickest point. XL#29580053200024#29580053200034 PR AccessoriesS, 121 4 "-14; M, 14"-161 4 "; L, 161 4 "-181 4 "; XL, 181 4 "-20".AliMed.comUse shoe size to determine Short or Long style. Short fits Wmns 5-9, Mens 31 2 -7; Long fits Wmns 91 2 -151 2 , Mens 8-14.34 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'