b'Knee Immobilizers KNEE, HIP, AND THIGHn Three adjustable panels to support varying legnSewn-in, fixed medial circumferences and lateral staysFREEDOM comfort Three-Panel Knee Immobilizers positionEconomy Knee Immobilizersknee in extension and prevent movement of joint. Three adjustableDurable, blue duck canvas laminated panels allow for accommodation of varying leg circumferences, withto foam liner. Sewn-in aluminum hook- and-loop attachment for quick fitting. Posterior and medial/lateralmedial/lateral stay and three stays for support and stabilization. Terrycloth-covered foam paddingcontoured aluminum posterior stays. provides cooling comfort for wearer. Use for knee injuries or instabilitiesHook-and-loop contact closure. Fits pre- or post-operatively. Requires fitting by physician or medical professional.left or right.Fits left or right. Sizing: All sizes 20" long. Measure Sizing: Fits 19"-23" thigh circumference. circumference of leg 4" above patella. #6675712" L EA S, 13"-16"; M, 16"-19"; L, 19"-21"; XL, 21"-24"; XXL, 24"-27".#6675816" L EA #62280SEA#6675918" L EA #62281MEA#6676020" L EA #62282LEAKNEE IMMOBILIZERS #62283XLEA#62284XXLEAn Adjustable stays n Adjustable medial and lateral stays, elastic straps and strapsFoam Knee Immobilizers with removable, adjustable medial and lateralUniversal Knee Immobilizersaluminum stays. Hook-and-loop straps and three posterior stays provideAdjustable stays and straps facilitate correct medial and lateral stability.516 " thick. Six 3" elastic straps for compression. Unlined. positioning.38 "-thick laminated Fits left or right. foam with alternating hook-and-#62239*12"L EA loop closures. Dual aluminum stays #6224614"L EA on lateral and medial stay/strap #6066216"L EA assemblies. Three anatomically #6066318"L EA formed posterior aluminum stays. #6066420"L EA Elastic strap adds support to #6224922"L EA patellar area. Fits left or right. #6225724"L EA #60141*12"L EA#6225826"L EA #6014216"L EA*Only two posterior stays.#6014318"L EA#6014420"L EA#6014524"L EA*Only two posterior stays.FAX800.437.2966 n Movable tri-panel or single-panel design accommodatesmultiple circumference sizesKnee Immobilizers Sizing: Measure mid-thigh circumference.Breathable, washable PEDIATRIC (SINGLE PANEL)foam material wicks 866.936.2987AliMed.com moisture away from ITEM #LENGTHTHIGH MIN-MAXQTYskin. Standard model#649696"6"-101 4 "EAStandardhas movable tri-panel STANDARD (TRI-PANEL)with movabledesign, while PediatricnPerforated foam construction tri-paneland Bariatric feature#629459"11"-16"EA Economy Foam Knee Immobilizers design single panel. Light- #6294612"14"-20"EAoffer compressive support and immobilization. weight medial, lateral,#6294715"16"-22"EA Perforated foam construction with hook-and-loop and posterior aluminum#6294818"18"-28"EA closure straps. Center elastic strap adds support to stays. Posterior aspect#6294921"19"-30"EA patella area. Dual contoured posterior stays and of splint gives custom#6295124"19"-32"EA movable medial/lateral stays for proper fit. Fits left anatomical fit. Fits left BARIATRIC (SINGLE PANEL) or right.or right. #6496515"MAX 32"EA#6496618"MAX 34"EA #6698116"L EA#6698218"L EAPediatricpedi #6496721"MAX 36"EA#6698320"L EAsingle-panelsizes #6496824"MAX 39"EA #6698422"L EAdesign#6698524"L EAAdditional shipping charges may apply. 86 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'