b'Help reduce knee contractures KNEE, HIP, AND THIGHKeep the gains youve made! Turnbuckles for every extremityTurnbuckle Knee Orthoses help maintain the gains in ROMTurnbuckle achieved through stretchingWrist, p. 135and brace wear. Steel rod and turnbuckle mechanism provide a low-load stretch to the joint, to gradually reduce the contracture and progress the range of motion incrementally. TurnbuckleTurnbuckle Ankle, with triangular-shaped grip adjusts easilyp. 47with splint in place for optimal positioning. Sizing: Measure circumference around kneecap. S (B), Rigid Kydex splint shell is hinged at the13"-15"; M (C), 15"-17"; L (D), 17"-18"; XL (E), 18"-20".knee, with the turnbuckle connecting the thigh and calf portions. Use for knee#66425TURNBUCKLE KNEE ORTHOSISEAKNEE CONTRACTURE ORTHOSES contractures from 45 flexion to 10Specify size B, C, D, or E (see above). Must be used hyperextension. Pads are terrycloth-lined forunder a physicians supervision. comfort. Fits left or right. Select an AliMedSuggested code: E1811 Seamless Knee Sleeve (sold separately below, right) for extra comfort. PDAC Turnbuckle Elbow,APPROVED p. 147n Range-of-motion hinges Added supportDynaPro Flex Knee OrthosesFlexible knee hinge promotes dynamic, low-load, prolonged stretch for mild to moderate flexion contractures. Flex properties will give during involuntary muscle contractions to help manage spasticity. Set knee hinge to provide 5 to 15 of additional stretch beyond point of resistance. Gel knee pad and cuffs included. Antibacterial shear-reducing fabric helps protect skin and limit odor. Fits left or right.Sizing: Measure circumference 412" above and 4" below midpatella. See chart below.#66394FLEX KNEE ORTHOSISEASpecify size.SIZETHIGH CUFF CIRC.CALF CUFF CIRC.FAX800.437.2966 S11"-15"10"-13"M15"-19"12"-15"Flex hinge L19"-21"14"-18" Seamless Knee SleevesFour-way-stretch elastic knee support offers lightweight, breathable, uniform compression n Adjustable air bladders, antimicrobial liner without the warmth of neoprene. Use for 866.936.2987AliMed.com gentle support and compression for minor OCSI Static Air Knee Orthoses treat mild/ knee injuries, arthritis, tendonitis, strains, moderate knee flexion contracture by applyingswelling, and edema. Ideal for use under low-load, prolonged stretch. Adjustable air bladdersfunctional braces.behind the knee conform to angle of the joint. Removable static setting hinge. ROM flexion andSizing: See chart below.extension stop hinges. Gel knee pad and cuffs#61005SEAMLESS KNEE SLEEVEEAincluded. Antibacterial shear-reducing fabric helpsSpecify size. protect skin and limit odor. Fits left or right.SIZE 434" BELOW KNEE512" ABOVE KNEESizing: Measure circumference 412" above and 4" belowXS934"-11"1412"-16"midpatella. See chart below. S 11"-1214"16"-17" SIZETHIGH CUFF CIRC.CALF CUFF CIRC. M1212"-1314"17"-18"S12"-15"8"-11" L 1314"-1414"18"-1914"M15"-18"12"-15" XL 1414"-1512"1914"-2012"L18"-22"15"-19" XXL 1512"-1612"2012"-22"#66396OCSI STATIC AIR KNEE ORTHOSISEA 3XL1612"-18"22"-23"Specify size. 88 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'