b'Hand/Thumb Orthoses PEDIATRIC ORTHOSESAdjust each finger independentlyPurple, Shown inTurquoise,Small Emerald Green, Light Blue Medium LargeHand/Wrist Separate Finger Orthosesn Helps prevent pressure between fingerssupport wrist and hand, allowing customFinger Separators add soft cushion to help#52200FINGER SEPARATOREAadjustment of each finger individually.protect and prevent pressure areas between HAND/THUMB ORTHOSESFinger separator included. NonremovableSpecify size, see chart on p. 184 (color-coded by size). Comfyprene cover. Choose Left or Right. fingers. Removable Terrycloth cover.#52511LEFTEA#52512RIGHTEASpecify size (see chart on p. 184) and Dark Blueor Light Blue.Suggested code: L3807/L3809 PDACAPPROVEDn Adjustable C-bar holds thumb in oppositionOpposition Hand/Thumb Orthoses Same features as Hand/Thumb Orthosis (p.View our full line of 184) with adjustable C-bar support to hold Comfy Adult Elbow and thumb in opposition. Completely adjustableShown in thumb position. Side wings prevent ulnar/radialTurquoiseHand/Wrist/Thumb Splints deviation. Removable Terrycloth cover. ChoosePDACpp. 126-135, 148, 149 Left or Right. Compatible with optional FingerAPPROVEDSeparator, sold separately at right.#53000S, PURPLE, LEFTEA #52996L, EMERALD GREEN, LEFTEA#53001S, PURPLE, RIGHTEA #52997L, EMERALD GREEN, RIGHTEA#52998M, TURQUOISE, LEFTEA Color-coded by size, see chart on p. 184. #52999M, TURQUOISE, RIGHTEA Suggested code: L3807/L3809FAX800.437.2966 n Added spring for dynamic stretchAliMed.com 866.936.2987Spring-Loaded Goniometer Opposition Hand/Thumb OrthosesSame features as Opposition Hand/Thumb Orthosis (above) withShown in added spring that applies dynamic stretch to pushTurquoisewrist to desired degree of extension. Removable Terrycloth cover. Choose Left or Right. #53012S, PURPLE, LEFTEA#53013S, PURPLE, RIGHTEA#53010M, TURQUOISE, LEFTEA#53011M, TURQUOISE, RIGHTEA#53008L, EMERALD GREEN, LEFTEA#53009L, EMERALD GREEN, RIGHTEAColor-coded by size, see chart on p. 184. Goniometer jointLOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 185'