b'Shoulder Abduction ImmobilizersSHOULDER AND ELBOWn 35 abduction wedge Comfortable support at a great valueShoulder Immobilizers Navy cotton sling with n 30 of abductionfoam-padded 1"W web Shoulder Immobilizersshoulder and body straps. Contoured abduction pillow and Contoured arm wedge foam-padded sling for postsurgical and body strap. Quick-shoulder repair, shoulder dislocations, release closure buckles. humeral fractures, and other Special sling-flap attaches to arm/shoulder injuries. Positions shoulder in 35 covered abduction wedgeto help prevent migra tion.approximately 30 of abduction. Waist strap and One size. Fits left or right. removable, padded neck strap ensure secure immobilization. Exercise ball included for muscle Hand-wash, air-dryand circulatory stimulation. Fits left or right. #510541$63.00 ea Hand-wash, air-dry California residents, see left page. Sizing: Measure arm from elbow crease to baseof index finger: S/M up to 14"; L/XL up to 151 2 ".SHOULDER ABDUCTION IMMOBILIZERS#52482$56.75 ea Specify size.California residents, see left page.Maximum adjustability.n Variable abduction n Unique contralateral suspensionGeneration II Shoulder AbductionGunSlinger Shoulder OrthosesHand-forearm Systems for support and abduction of shoulder,evolved from two years of development atsplint rotates elbow, wrist, and hand. Abduction can be set ata major Boston teaching hospital. Can be quicklyto any position55 or 70. Foam arm support attaches to pillowadjusted to any combination of abduction, wedge at 90 angle. Functional hand supportflexion, and rotation. Unique contralateral can be attached anywhere along length of arm.suspension resists displacement while allowing Humerus and wrist cuffs are elastic and foam.a broad range of patient activities. Carefully Fits left or right.contoured splint and padded straps ensure comfort and compliance. Order the Torso/Hand-wash, air-dryShoulder Harness and the Arm Support for a Sizing: With upper arm adducted at side and elbowcomprehensive unit.flexed at 90, measure vertical dist ance from uppermostSizing: Shoulder Harness is sized by body morphology.point on lateral edge of shoulder to bottom of elbow.S, 121 2 "-141 2 "; L, 141 2 "-161 2 ". M fits average-sized users; L fits taller or heavierusers. Arm Support is sized by arm length. M ts Hip foundation plate is a firm anchor for forearm #510626S$205.75 ea most Wmn and small Men; L ts taller Men. abduction. Cut to adjust splint rod to control abduction.#510627L$205.75 eaHARNESS*ARM SUPPORT* California residents, see left page. #5131LEFT, M$294.75 ea #5135LEFT, M$170.75 eaFAX800.437.2966#5130RIGHT, M$294.75 ea #5134RIGHT, M$170.75 ea#5133LEFT, L$294.75 ea #5137LEFT, L$170.75 ean Quick-release #5132RIGHT, L$294.75 ea #5136RIGHT, L$170.75 eabuckles *Complete system consists of Harness and Arm Support.California residents, see left page.Formfit ShoulderCalifornia residents, see left page.Braces can be configured forn Variable abduction, adduction, and AliMed.com 800.225.2610immobilization orforearm rotation, low-profileabduction. Included abduction armTrulife Gunslinger II Shoulder Orthosespillow is contoured to torso to distribute weightHighly adjustable with variable abduction, and decrease pressure on ulnar nerve. Featuresadduction, and forearm rotation to fit a wide range breathable mesh base, extra padding, offloadingof patients and needs. ROM abduction/adduction: strap, quick-release buckles, and repositionableforearm 75, shoulder 45. Extended forearm thumb loop. Fits left or right. Optional Externalattachment increases variable abduction. Low-Rotation Pillow allows external rotation of thedensity polyethylene shell with washable pads shoulder. and liners. Numbered, quick-snap release buckles Hand-wash, air-dry for ease of donning and doffing. One size.Sizing: Measure length from olecranon to end of closedWashable pads/liners, wipe-clean hardwarefist. Regular fits 131 4 "-153 4 "; Large fits 16"-171 2 ". #52687$510.00 ea#52168*FORMFIT$112.00 ea California residents, see left page.#52169EXTERNAL ROTATION PILLOW$34.29 ea*Specify Regular or Large. California residents, see left page. PDACSuggested code: L3670 APPROVED 157'