b'Mobility Aids(contd.) Speech & Cognition StrapsWalker Language/Cognition AliStrap SoftAliMed.com AliMed.com p. 203Wheelie II Books, Cards, Baby BoardAliMed.com Assessment StrapAliMed.com AliMed.comCritical Radiation Protection Communicator Surgical Positioners Tumble Forms(contd.)Patient Apron AliMed.comChest Roll Roll and WedgeAliMed.com Oral Motor AliGel, AliMed.com AliMed.comFREEDOM Gel,QUICK-FIND PEDIATRIC PRODUCT GUIDEArk Products AliMed.comProtective Shield AliMed.com Donut TadpoleBreast, AliMed.com Gel, AliMed.com AliMed.comGonad, AliMed.com Chewy Tube Foam, AliMed.comThyroid, AliMed.com Chewy Tube,AliMed.comPs & Qs,AliMed.com HeadrestSafe PatientProne, AliMed.com Upper ExtremitiesHandling Ice FingerSupine, AliMed.com Arm SlingAliMed.comHalf Shifter Pediatric Arm, p. 183AliMed.com Positioning Set Ultimate, p. 183Oro-Navigator AliMed.comAliMed.com Clavicle SupportWalker Belt Wedge p. 183AliMed.com Uncovered,AliMed.comThe Breather 1.1 Protecta-Coat,AliMed.comAliMed.com Vinyl-Covered,AliMed.com Elbow SleeveImmobilizer, p. 182Sandbags TheraTogs Sleeve, p. 182SandbagTherapy AidsNexus MagneticSystemFinger SplintAliMed.com Shapes Full Body, p. 184Oval-8, p. 180AliMed.com PTA, p. 184 Therapy Kit Lower Extremity, p. 184Clamp-On Mirror, TogRite Wrist SupportSkillbuilders Deluxe Kit,Strapping Abducted Thumb, p. 181 FAX800.437.2966Crawler PROP-IT Easel AliMed.com Elastic, p. 181 AliMed.com Standard, p. 181AliMed.comSpinal/Cervical Wunzi Systemp. 184 Wheelchairs & SeatingFeeder Seat/Aspen Headmaster Floor Sitter Collar Wheelchair Cushion AliMed.com 800.225.2610p. 185 AliMed.comAliMed.com Tumble Forms2Roll and Wedge Malibu Miami Jr. Collar Carrie System Multi-Use/ Half Roll, AliMed.comRoll ChairRoll, AliMed.comp. 185 AliMed.comWedge, AliMed.com AliMed.comSwing Seat Philadelphia TOT Collar Feeder Seat/WallabyAliMed.com p. 185 Floor Sitter WheelchairAliMed.com AliMed.comMain Product Index continued233'