b'WRIST AND HANDCustom-Moldable Thumb Supportsn Mold insert in hot water Customized rigid thumbpiece held in place Custom-Molded Thumb SplintsCustom- by a low-profile wrapmold thermoplastic stiffener to thumb for CMC and MP support. Elastic support is LYCRA-bonded to thin132 " neoprene. Stiffener must be molded using hot water prior to use. Moldable blue stiffener fits into pocket on inside of neoprene. Sizing: Measure wrist circumference. S, 512"-614";M, 614"-7"; L, 7"-734".#510346$34.75 eaSpecify size and Left or Right.Moldable thermoplastic stiffenerCalifornia residents, see left page.THUMB SUPPORTSn Mold splint in hot waterSportsFit Thumb OrthosesPreformed low-profile splints help protect CMC and MP joints from forceful trauma. Dip in hot water to soften and adjust for custom fit. Hand model wont interfere with wrist function. Wrist-Hand model offers additional support for acute or more severe injury. Hand modelSizing: Measure wrist circumference. S, 6"-612";M, 612"-712"; L, 712"-8".#51199HAND$41.00 ea#5369WRIST-HAND$49.75 eaSpecify size and Left or Right.Wrist-Hand modelCalifornia residents, see left page.n Modify with heat gun or hair dryerEuropean Thumb Spicas maintain thumb in abduction yet allow full-finger and wrist function. Injection molded, lightweight, trimmable plastic. Sizing: Measure wrist circumference. S, 7" or less; M, 7"-8"; L, 8"-9"; XL, 9"+. Cotton/#510858$52.75 ea LYCRA liner included Specify size and Left or Right.for comfortCalifornia residents, see left page.FAX800.437.2966n Reduces pain without limiting wrist motionCMCcare Thumb Braces reduce pain from CMC joint arthritis withoutlimiting wrist motion or ulnar border of hand. Realigns first metacarpal and stabilizes CMC joint. Adjustable, embedded stay secures base of first metacarpal on the trapezium, restoring alignment. Strap adjusts at both ends for stability and comfort. Includes replacement strap and 2 closure tabs. Brace is made of heat- AliMed.com 800.225.2610moldable Thermoplastic Polyurethane. Not made with natural rubber latex.Sizing: Measure length from web space to wrist crease. If between sizes: choose smaller size if hands are thin or larger size if hands are fuller. S, 2"-212"; M, 212"-3"; L, 3"-312".#52759$79.00 ea Measure length from web space to wrist creaseSpecify size and Left or Right.California residents, see left page.n Fits under splints or bracesVisco-GEL Thumb Protectors cushion and#52726S$9.00 eaprotect thumb from trauma, pressure, shock, and#52727L$9.00 eashear. Thin design fits under splints or braces.California residents, see left page.Position on side of thumb or on palm. Slowly releases mineral oil and vitamin E to soften and moisturize skin. May also improve appearance of scars. Fits left or right.117'