b'Ankle Contracture Boots PEDIATRIC ORTHOSESnAdjusts ankle/foot position from Ambulating model for transfers10 plantarflexion to 10 dorsiflexionPediatric Classic Night Splints help Nonskidprevent heel cord (Achilles tendon) from base shortening while sleeping. Bilateral hook-and-loop straps adjust ankle/foot position from 10 plantar- PDACBreathableflexion to 10 dorsiflexion, helping to maintain or padded liner increase ROM. Indicated for idiopathic toe gait andAPPROVEDpost-Achilles tendon lengthening. Breathable padded liner with nonskid base. Not for ambulation. Fits left or right.Sizing: Approximate shoe size, length of splint for calf/foot sections: S, 2-7, 71 4 "/6"; M, 7-10, 61 2 "/81 2 "; L, 10-121 2 , 71 4 "/10".#66141CLASSIC NIGHT SPLINTEASpecify size. ANKLE CONTRACTURE BOOTSn Resists plantarflexionPDAC Standard and Ambulating BootsAPPROVED elevate the heel using contours in the boots n Breathable foam liner wicks moisture shell. A cushioned, fleece-lined cover protects the heel, wicking moisture from skin to maintain MPO 2000 floats the heel to eliminate pressureskin integrity. Boot frame resists plantarflexion and/or friction, enhancing circulation to aid inwhile providing a dynamic push to extension for Moisture-wickinghealing. Dynamic flex action supplies continuouscorrection of footdrop, foot-ankle contractures, foam liner counterforce to plantar surface of foot, assisting inand deformity. Adjustable toe post relieves correction of footdrop, foot/ankle contracture, andpressure on toes and adjusts to accommodate deformity. Breathable foam liner wicks moisturevariation in foot sizes. Anti-rotation bar is hidden while maintaining skin integrity. Adjustable toeunder fleece cover. Ambulating Boot has post keeps pressure off toes and can be positionednonslip rubber surface sole for transfers and to the side for lateral/malleolar ulcers. Includeslimited ambulation. rotator bar. Fits left or right. Sizing: One size fits foot lengths 5"-8" and calf circumferences up to 11". Heel to top back of boot Sizing: Measure from heel to toe. Youth, 612"-9" (max.measures 7". Fits Childs shoe size 51 2to Youth 3.calf circumference: 13").#66438MPO 2000EA #66886STANDARD BOOTEASpecify Youth.#66887AMBULATING BOOTEASuggested code: L4936 Suggested code: L4396FAX800.437.2966 PDACAPPROVEDnKodel liner promotes air flow and limits heat build-up866.936.2987AliMed.com Multi Podus Orthoses float the heel toJoin our eliminate pressure or friction, enhancing bloodemail list!circulation vital to healing. Dynamic flex action supplies continuous counterforce to the plantar surface of the foot, assisting in correction of foot drop, foot/ankle contractures, and deformity. Synthetic sheepskin liner. Includes adjustable toeStay up to date onpost and rotator bar. Fits left or right. new catalogs, product Lightweight Kydex Washable, synthetic Kodel liner Sizing: Measure foot length. Toddler, 31 4 "-41 2 ";promos, and more!Soft Kodel liner promotes air flow Child, 41 4 "-6"; Youth, 6"-7".#65362MULTI PODUS ORTHOSISEA AliMed.com/signupSpecify Toddler, Child, or Youth. Suggested code: L4396176 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'