b'Maximize shock absorptionFOOT AND ANKLEReduces heel-strike rebound velocityViscoelastic Polymer Heel Cups feature a computer-generated, biomechanically engineered visco-flow controlto dampen and reduce heel-strike rebound velocity, redirecting shock waves from a vertical to a horizontal direction for maximum Classic Heavy Duty shock absorption and shear reduction. Combine with our firm Viscoelastic Varus/Valgus Wedges ( #66436 , p.Dual durometer 16) to post. Place on Wedges or glue in place. for maximum shock absorptionSIZEWMNSMENSITEM #QTY and shear nMulti-layer waffle design 1 reductionS4 2 -85-6#6425PRTulis Classic Heel CupsDouble-ribbedM9-1261 2 -81 2 #6425PRwaffle design. Molded synthetic rubber. Not madeL9-14#6425PRwith natural rubber latex. Heavy Duty model*Specify size. HEEL CUPS AND CUSHIONSfeatures a larger, wider double-waffle pattern that improves shock absorption. Sizing: Reg., under 175 lbs.; Lg., over 175 lbs.#6660CLASSIC, REG. PR pedi#6661CLASSIC, LG. PR sizes#62171HEAVY DUTY, REG. PR#62172HEAVY DUTY, LG. PR nWedge-shaped reliefViscoHeel and ViscoHeel KViscoHeel helpsViscoHeel K Heel CushionsContoured wedgerelieve acute heel counteracts varus/shape helps relieve acute heeland ankle pain valgus alignmentand ankle pain by absorbing impact forces on ankle, knee, and hip. Reduces strain on tendons, VISCOHEELligaments, and calf muscles. Ideal for pain above the heel such as with achillodynia or Haglunds#13017022000000SIZE 0 (PEDIATRIC) PRdeformity. Anatomically shaped. Medical-grade,#13017022000001SIZE 1 PRviscoelastic, nonslip silicone. ViscoHeel K with#13017022000002SIZE 2 PRsloped sides can be placed medially or laterally to#13017022000003SIZE 3 PRcorrect varus/valgus alignment. #13017022000004SIZE 4 PRSizing: Determined by shoe size. ViscoHeel: Size 0, VISCOHEEL KnRemovable teardrop plug children; Size 1, Wmns 31 2to 5, Mens 21 2to 4; Size 2,#66682*SIZE 1 PRWmns 51 2to 8, Mens 41 2to 7; Size 3, Wmns 81 2to 11, Viscolas Heel Spur CushionsSoftMens 71 2to 10; Size 4, Wmns 111 2to 13, Mens 101 2to 12.#66682*SIZE 2 PRviscoelastic polymer covered with water-resistantViscoHeel K: Size 1, children; Size 2, Wmns 5-9, Mens#66682*SIZE 3 PRfabric relieves pressure from heel. Removable31 2 -71 2 ; Size 3, Wmns 91 2 -14, Mens 8-121 2 . *Specify size. teardrop plug.FAX800.437.2966Sizing: A fits Wmns 4-6, Mens 2-4; B fits Wmns 7-9, Mens 5-7; C fits Wmns 10-12, Mens 8-10; D fits Mens 11-13. WonderSpur #6074SIZE A PR#6076SIZE C PR#6075SIZE B PR#6077SIZE D PR WonderCupAliMed.com 866.936.2987pedisizesn Choice of medial or center soft spot n Large center soft spotWonderSpur Medially located soft spotSilicone Heel Cups help optimize pressure pedi relieves pain from heel spurs and plantar fasciitis.distribution and shock absorption to relieve sizes WonderCup Centrally located soft spot relievesheel spur pain. Large center soft spot cushions pain throughout heel. Both made of silicone. heel. 100% medical-grade silicone. Low profile. nQuickly molds to foot contours Use in dress or athletic shoes. M-F Heel Protectors help relieve spurs and SIZE WMNSMENSWONDERSPURWONDERCUP QTY Sizing: S fits most children; M fits most women;L fits most men.fissured heels. Mold to patients foot.S4-52-4#60153#60152PRSizing: Adult fits Wmns and Mens size 71 2and larger;M6-95-7#60153#60152PR #60814S PRJunior fits all children and Wmns size 7 and smaller.L10-128-10#60153#60152PR #60814M PR#6657ADULT 6 PR/BX XL12+11 2 +#60153#60152PR #60814L PR#6658JUNIOR 6 PR/BX Specify size.Specify size.LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 17'