b'Knee Contracture OrthosesKNEE, HIP, AND THIGHPadded comfort and tool-free adjustmentsULTRApadded Knee OrthosesFoam-covered, bendable spine easily adjusts to the desired ROM without the use of heat or tools to help reduce non-fixed knee contractures and support or immobilize weakened or painful joints. Static progressive stretch gradually extends the knee n Inflatable doubleto increase ROM, while maintaining gains air bladders from surgery or other procedures. Removable, Pucci Inflatable Knee Orthoses (KO) washable terrycloth cover absorbs moisture to Continuous low-stretch therapy through inflationhelp prevent skin maceration and is self-padded of double air bladders behind knee. Controlsfor a comfortable fit. One size fits left or right.KNEE CONTRACTURE ORTHOSESflexion, rotation, and medial/lateral movement. Aluminum spineMachine-washableGreenFully padded. Fits left or right. #66888$150.75 eaSizing: Measure circumference 6" above kneecap, California residents, see left page.6" below kneecap. See chart below. SIZETHIGH CIRC. CALF CIRC.XS13"-15"10"-111 2 "S151 2 "-18"111 2 "-14"M181 2 "-22"141 2 "-161 2 "L221 2 "-25"17"-181 2 "#60844$350.00 eaSpecify size.California residents, see left page. ULTRApadded Elbow Orthoses, p. 153 ULTRApadded Grip Orthoses, p. 137Quick, easy adjustmentEasy-to-adjust jointFAX800.437.2966nAdjustable air bladders, antimicrobial linerOCSI Static Air Knee Orthoses treat mild/ Stop pins moderate knee flexion contracture by applyingno toolslow-load, prolonged stretch. Adjustable air bladdersbehind the knee conform to angle of the joint. AliMed.com 800.225.2610Removable static setting hinge. ROM flexion andIncludes a fully extension stop hinges. Gel knee pad and cuffsEasy-On Knee BracesAdjustablepadded, removable included. Antibacterial shear-reducing fabric helpsextension/flexion stop with range of 0 topatellar strapprotect skin and limit odor. Fits left or right. 120 flexion in 7.5 increments and 0 to 75 Sizing: Measure circumference 41/2" above and 4" belowextension in 7.5 increments. Adjust without tools. midpatella. See chart below. Simply rotate cover to expose stop pins and reposition as required. Cushion cuffs are thick, self-padded, washable fabric with hook-and-loopSIZETHIGH CUFF CIRC.CALF CUFF CIRC. fasteners. All joints have fully cushione d protectors. S12"-15"8"-11" Bilateral uprights. Includes removable padded M15"-18"12"-15" patellar strap. Fits left or right.L18"-22"15"-19" Sizing: Measure circumference 6" above kneecap. #66396$192.75 ea S, 13"-17"; M, 171 2 "-20"; L 201 2 "-23".Specify size.#62415$185.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. Specify size. California residents, see left page.MORE KNEE ORTHOSESP. 96 95'