b'FingerWrist FRACTURE BRACINGPremium Finger Fracture Splints Forearm/WristMetal edges have been buffed smooth, lined, and padded with foam. Fracture SplintsPowder-coated aluminum splints are radiolucent, malleable, and have a comfortable foam interior.n Metacarpal and phalangealMetacarpal Splints with Forearm Supportfor treatment of metacarpal and phalangeal fractures. n Align DP or MP n Protects to fingertipsFinger Cots align nger after fracture of distal orFingertip Protectors Four prongsmiddle p halanx. Length indicates size of folded Cot. support nger. Sizing: Measure finger length. Sizing: Measure length of nger from#54151"L 12/PK proximal nger crease to tip of nger.#54162"L 12/PK #5403112"L 12/PKFINGERWRIST#54173"L 12/PK #5404212"L 12/PK#5405312"L12/PK#52494S EA#52493M EA#52492L EASpecify Left or Right. n Wrist, forearm, and metacarpalsForearm Splints for immobilization of fractures at wrist, forearm, and metacarpals. n Easily cut and contoured to shape n For distal phalanx fracturesFinger StripsImmobilize fractured ngers.Baseball Splints stabilize distal phalanx 18"L fractures. Protect fingertips. #540012"W 12/PK Sizing: Measure length of nger from tip to metacarpal #540134"W12/PK head on palmar surface. #54021"W 12/PK #5409334"L 12/PK #52488S EA#5410414"L 12/PK #52487M EA#5411434"L 12/PK #52486L EAFAX800.437.2966Specify Left or Right.n Radial/ulnar supportMore Wound CareColles Splints give radial/ulnar support in AliMed.com 866.936.2987treat ment of Colles fractures and stabilize wristproducts online! in slight flexion/pronation with ulnar deviationfor reduction. CoFlex LF2n For transverse fracturesCurved Finger SplintsCurved to conform to finger in semi-flexed position. Ideal for dislocations and phalangeal and metacarpal fractures. Sizing: Measure length of nger to be supported and match to splint length.#52545S EA#54123"L 12/PK #52544M EAAliMed.com/dressings-and-tapes#54136"L12/PK #52489L EASpecify Left or Right.LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 95'