b'Specialty Spinal BracesSPINE AND PELVIS Provides directed anterior andposterior compression36" belt shownPDACAPPROVEDn Prevents forward flexionTrulife Cash Orthoses for anterior hyper-extension. Mobile, hinged pads accommo date user with minimal bar-bending. Hook-and-loop closures.POSTURAL AND HYPEREXTENSION BRACESw/HINGED STERNAL AND PUBIC PAD#695636" BELTEA#6595942" BELTEAn For pigeon chest heat-moldable polyethylene. Ratchet closure for#6596048" BELTEATrulife Pectus Carinatum OrthosesOff- adjustable fit. One size fits most up to 39" chest w/HINGED PECTORAL AND PUBIC PADthe-shelf pectus carinatum bracing solutioncircumference. #695436" BELTEAprovides directed anterior and posteriorLow-density polyethyleneAluminum#6595742" BELTEAcompression for pigeon chest. Fits easily under#53536PECTUS CARINATUM ORTHOSISEA #6595848" BELTEAclothing. Front and back pads are trimmable,Suggested code: L0472Hyperextension BracesT34 T37 T39FAX800.437.2966PDAC PDACn Latch-lock clamp closure for easy donning and doffing APPROVED APPROVEDTrulife Hyperextension Orthoses withT34 Sizing: Measure hip circumference: S, 30"-321 2 ";866.936.2987AliMed.com aluminum frame with swivel sternal pad and latch- M, 321/2"-37"; L, 37"-41"; XL, 41"-45". Brace height:n Unloader bracefor scoliosislock clamp closure for easy donning and doffing.S, 17"-181 2 "; M, 171/2"-191/2"; L, 19"-21"; XL, 21"-23". Peak Scoliosis Bracing SystemUnloader T34 model has an anatomically designed pubic padT37 Sizing: Measure hip circumference: S/M, 30"-37";brace designed to relieve pain and enhance the and pelvic bar. Height and width adjustable. T37L/XL, 37"-45". Brace height: S/M, 17"-191/2"; L/XL, 19"-23".quality of life for adult scoliosis patients. Patented, model has an adjustable pelvic band. Medial/lateralPelvic band length: S/M, 17"-19"; L/XL, 21"-231/2". highly adjustable brace has been shown to and height adjustable. T39 model has an articulating,T39 Sizing: Measure hip circumference: S/M, 30"-37";improve posture, enhance mobility, increase vital adjustable pelvic band. Posterior pad may be usedL/XL, 37"-45". Brace height, Tall: S/M, 17"-191/2"; L/XL,capacity, and ultimately increase a patients ability horizontally or vertically. Medial/lateral and height19"-23". Brace height, Short: S/M, 15"-17"; L/XL, 17"-191/2". to perform activities of daily living.adjustable. Not made with natural rubber latex. #52671T34EA Sizing: Measure waist circumference. One Size Removable pads are washable #52672T37EA Adjustable, 24"-45"; S, 24"-30"; M, 29"-35"; L, 34"-40";#52673T39EA XL, 39"-45".Specify size. #52702ONE SIZE ADJUSTABLEEASuggested code: L0472 #52703SEA#52704MEA#52705LEA#52706XLEASuggested code: L1005166 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'