b'Custom Top Covers Uniform Plastazote FOOT AND ANKLEThinnernoupper layertoe-box crampingnMold quickly in response to Urethane thickness gradually tapers in DIABETIC INSOLESbearing weight the forefootPlastazote Insoles are pink Plastazoten Urethane base wont bottom out#1. Available in different thicknesses. One size. Easily trimmed to fit smaller sizes.Duo/Laminate D-SoleInsoles#6252WMNS, 1 8 " 6 PR/PK These unique insoles combine pressure-#6255MENS, 1 8 " 6 PR/PK distributing, moldable Plastazote with long-lasting,14 "#6262WMNS, 3 16 " 6 PR/PK resilient, expanded urethane base for maximum #6265MENS, 3 16 "6 PR/PK protection that wont bottom out. Plastazote,18 "#6272WMNS, 14"6 PR/PK when used alone, continues to compress, reducing #6275MENS, 14" 6 PR/PK cushioning at critical heel apex and metatarsal heads. Shaped heel cup provides superior cushioning and tapers from14 "-thick in back to a SIZEWMNS MENS18 " THICK 14 " THICK QTYCustomize to any size FREE! thinner18 " forefoot area to help avoid forefootA5-84-6#6226#6227PRrestriction. Standard model has a uniform18 "1 11 B8 2 -106 2 -8#6226#6227PRAliPlast and PlastazotePlastazote sock liner. Thicker 4 " model can beC101 2 -1181 2 -10#6226#6227PRInsoles are a vailable in heat-molded to foot before insertion into shoe or1 1can be used as is in extra-depth shoes. Heat in aD11 2 +10 2 +#6226#6227PRLarge only but can be easily300F Convection Oven ( #70389 , see p. 202)Specify size. customized. Use templatesapproximately two minutes to soften for molding. for sizing and trimming. Request free templatesSizing: All D-Soles are generously sized and intended to (#6103) with your order. be trimmed to exact shoe insole shape. See chart at right.Accurate results, early detectionFAX800.437.2966Disposable Monofilaments provide Effective pressure reliefsuperior testing consistency and accuracy for the heel for early detection of sensory loss or neuropathy in diabetic patients. Proprietary filament is resistant to environmental fluctuations unlikeRepeatable force nylon filaments, which can be affected byensures humidity or temperature changes that canconsistent results AliMed.com 866.936.2987compromise results. Monofilament is attached to a paperboard handle with a 5 site testing protocol map on the back. Perforated blister pack for protective storage. #32745DISPOSABLE MONOFILAMENT20/PKCall for Volume Pricing!Open Heel Orthosesp. 31Back viewLOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 13'