b'Cervical CollarsSPINE AND PELVISpedisizesShown with Extension Neck Pad pedin Unobtrusive, cool support sizespedi Headmaster Collars offer excellent support sizes and control. Cool and unobtrusive. Bend manually CERVICAL COLLARSn Treats congenital torticollis for custom fit. Soft rear strap with hook-and-loop closure. Optional Extension Neck Pad attaches TOT Collars give noxious stimulus to lateralto inside of neck strap for extension support. aspect of skull to those with congenital muscularNeck pad and optional Extension Neck Pad are torticollis. Patient then moves away from stimulusfully cloth-covered. Not made with natural rubber to normal, central-corrected position. Adoption oflatex.normal position offers ability to reset perceptionSizing: Measure from center of chin to corner of jaw. If of horizontal and maintain corrected head position.measurement falls between sizes, choose smaller size.#52368*HEADMASTER COLLAR$150.75 eaEasy to put on and remove. Low-profile. Level ofSee chart below. #52170**EXTENSION NECK PAD$47.75 easupport can be easily set to patient needs.*Specify size. NontoxicWash ablePreassembled ready to fitSIZECHIN TO JAWSIZECHIN TO JAW **Specify Child (fits Infant and Child Collars), S/Jr. (fits INFANT21 2 " SMALL4" Sm. and Jr. Collars), or M/L (fits Med. and Lg. Collars). Sizing: Child fits 4-month to 10-year-old; Adult fits average CHILD3" MEDIUM41 2 " California residents, see left page.10-year-old to adult.JUNIOR31 2 " LARGE5"#77895CHILD$75.75 ea#77896ADULT$78.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. n Six sizes in oneadjustable heightVista Adjustable Collar Sets are six collars in one. No need for sizing charts or extra inventory. Pull and turn dial to select one of six height settings. Releasing Height Adjustment Dial automatically locks size. Enormous tracheal aperture for functional access, airway management, and otherVista TX essential procedures. Vista TX Collar SetCollar Setincludes a thoracic extension.FAX800.437.2966#65409*VISTA COLLAR SET$115.00 eaVista MultiPostPDAC Front view #66101*VISTA TX COLLAR SET$128.75 eaCollar Set APPROVED #66102VISTA TX REPL. PAD SET$42.75 ean Adjustability for support and comfort *Includes Collar and Replacement Pad Set. California residents, see left page.Vista MultiPostVista Collar Set AliMed.com 800.225.2610CollarsFully adjustable collar with pivoting occipital panels adds an extra level of support forn Reduce symptoms of forward head carriagegreater motion restriction.Vista MultiPost Therapy Collars One collar adjusts to sixRear view promote a natural curve in the neck, sizes, virtually eliminatingproviding therapeutic support. Includes the waste associated with collar sizing errors. ProvenAspen Therapy Pack, which delivers hot/cotton-lined pads designed to enhance skin carecold therapy to reduce inflammation and by reducing patient contact points in the occipitalspasm. Pneumatic compression bladder area. Extra large tracheal aperture provideswith easily accessible integrated air pump functional access for airway management andand pressure release valve allows patients other essential procedures. to quickly achieve the exact level of Set consists of collar and replacement pads compression that works best for them.#52546VISTA MULTIPOST COLLAR$116.75 ea #52698 $149.75 ea PDAC#52547VISTA MULTIPOST COLLAR SET$121.75 ea California residents, see left page. APPROVEDCalifornia residents, see left page.Suggested code: L0180160 Suggested code: L0180 161'