b'Elbow Orthoses PEDIATRIC ORTHOSESFinger contracture PDACAPPROVEDnGreat as a resting splintA. Standard Elbow OrthosesGreat as a resting splint for mild-to-moderate tone. Available with removable Terrycloth cover Color-Coded by size or in new NavyComfyprene option, or nonremovablecover shown in n Aligns PIP and DIP joints Comfyprene cover inDark BlueOval-8 PediatricDark Blue or Light Blue.Splints Kit alignsSee below for sizing chart.and stabilizes PIPSuggested code: L1836 Terrycloth cover shown and DIP joints.in new NavyELBOW ORTHOSESTreats swan-neck or boutonniere deformity, malletTerryclothTerrycloth finger injury, triggercover shown incover shown in finger, or lateralRefills on p. 98 Turquoise Turquoiseinstability. Two splints can be combined to completely immobilize joint. Kit uses broad bands to distribute pressure. Seamless molded plastic. Kit contains three of each sizes 3-7, instructions, and caseNot recommended for children under 4,Goniometer jointdue to choking hazardOval-8 Sizing Set allows you to easilyn Adjustable ROM n Added spring for dynamic stretchdetermine accurate splint size. Includes 14 finger splints (one of each size). Each splintB. Goniometer Elbow OrthosesAllowsC. Spring-Loaded Goniometer Elbow incorporates both a whole and half size,for range of movement or can be set to staticOrthosesFor moderate-to-strong flexion synergy depending on how it is applied to a finger. position. Dial can be set to adjust flexion/ with added spring that applies a dynamic stretch #51883PEDIATRIC KITKIT extension in 5 increments. Available withforce to push knee to desired degree of extension. #51882SIZING SETSET removable Terrycloth cover color-coded by sizeAvailable with removable Terrycloth cover color-or nonremovable Comfyprene cover in Darkcoded by size or nonremovable Comfyprene Blue or Light Blue.cover in Dark Blue or Light Blue. See below for sizing chart. See below for sizing chart.Terrycloth covers color-coded by size Suggested code: L1832/1833 Suggested code: E1810 PEDIATRIC ELBOW ORTHOSIS SIZE CHARTFAX800.437.2966ELBOW CREASEELBOW CREASETOTALAVERAGE SIZE/COLORTOWARDS WRISTTOWARDS SHOULDERSPLINT LENGTHAGES, PURPLE31 4 "31 4 "61 2 "UP TO 4 YEARSSm.,M, TURQUOISE33 4 "33 4 "71 2 "4 TO 9 YEARSMed., Turquoise Purple Lg., Emerald Green1 2 1 2L, EMERALD GREEN 4"4"9"9 TO SMALL ADULTTerrycloth Covers are color-coded by size. Only Standard Elbow offers new Navy option for all sizes, see below. AliMed.com 866.936.2987 ELBOW ORTHOSISTERRYCLOTH, COLOR-CODED TERRYCLOTH, NAVYCOMFYPRENE, DARK BLUECOMFYPRENE, LIGHT BLUEITEM #QTYITEM #QTYITEM #QTYITEM #QTYA.STANDARD S #51760*EA#52823EA#53016EA#52386**EAM#51760*EA#52822EA#53017EA#52386**EAL#51760*EA#52821EA#53018EA#52386**EAB.GONIOMETER S#51764*EA#52199**EA#52199**EA M#51764*EA#52199**EA#52199**EAL#51764*EA#52199**EA#52199**EAC.SPRING-LOADED GONIOMETER S#52787EA#52792EA#52793EAM#52786EA#52790EA#52791EAL#52785EA#52788 EA#52789EAColor-coded by size, see chart above. *Specify size (see chart above). **Specify size (see chart above) and Dk. Blue or Lt. Blue. LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 181'