b'Hand/Wrist OrthosesPEDIATRIC ORTHOSESPDAC PDAC PDACAPPROVED APPROVED APPROVEDTerrycloth n Allows ulnar/radial deviation n Reinforced padded spine nSide wings prevent ulnarcover shownDeviation Hand OrthosesUnique swivel jointDorsal Hand Orthoses offer dorsal support ofand radial deviationbelow wrist allows ulnar or radial deviation. Adjustswrist while allowing increased use of fingers.Standard Hand OrthosesVersatile, 85 in each direction for deviation. Fully adjustableMalleable frame is fully adjustable. Includes twomultipurpose orthoses for wrists, hands, and finger and hand. Allows gradual extension of fingerssoft washable terrycloth covers. fingers. Bend splint to adjust for a custom fitno and wrist. Bend to fit, no tools required. IncludesSizing: Sized by age. See chart below. heat or tools required. Reinforced padded spine two soft washable terrycloth covers. Fits left or right. with no exposed edges. Comfy model includes two #72360LEFT$99.75 eaSizing: Sized by age. See chart below. soft washable terrycloth covers. Comfyprene model #72359RIGHT$99.75 eahas nonremovable neoprene cover. Fits left or right.HAND/WRIST ORTHOSES#78051$113.00 ea Specify size. Specify size. California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page.Sizing: Sized by age. See chart below, left.Suggested code: L3807 Suggested code: L3807 #510431*COMFY, TERRYCLOTH$91.00 eaComfy/Comfyprene Pediatric Hand/Wrist Size Chart #52154**COMFYPRENE, NEOPRENE $62.00 ea*Specify size. **Specify size and Lt. Blue or Dk. Blue.SIZEWRIST TO TIP OF MIDDLE FINGERTOTAL SPLINT LENGTHAVERAGE AGE California residents, see left page.COMFYCOMFYPRENECOMFYCOMFYPRENE Suggested code: L3807S21 2 "-31 2 "21 2 "-31 2 "7"61 2 "UP TO 4 YEARSM3"-41 2 "3"-41 2 "8"7"4 TO 9 YEARSL41 2 "-6"41 2 "-6"91 2 "9"9 TO SMALL ADULTComfy terrycloth covers come in colors specific to size. S: Purple; M: Turquoise; L: Emerald Green.Comfyprene covers come in choice of Lt. Blue or Dk. Blue.n Breathable knitWrist Compression Sleeves help reduce Wristedema and discomfort by offering support and Supportpromoting circulation in hand and wrist. Fits left or right. Not made with natural rubber latex.Seamless, lightweight, breathable knit elasticReinforced thumb holeWashableWhiteWristSizing: S fits petite Wmn or adolescents.Support with Abducted#51389$13.75 eaThumb Specify Small. California residents, see left page. FAX800.437.2966nMild wrist and Aluminum stayn Unimpeded finger functionthumb injuries sewn into brace FREEDOM Elastic Wrist Supports immobilize the wrist FREEDOM Pediatricnot the hand, fingers, or thumbwhile providing gentle Wrist Supports compression. Finger function is unimpeded because the palmarUSA Shortportion of the splint does not cross the distal palmar crease. AliMed.com 800.225.2610are best for wrist instabilities, strains, sprains, and arthritis.Wide, adjustable stay comfortably supports wrist in 30 of wrist Abducted Thumb style isextension. Unique elastic offers two varying degrees of recommended for mild wrist and thumb injuriescompression, which is tighter in the wrist and less restrictive in the where immobilization is needed to promotehand. Elastic fabric gives a glove-like fit, wicks moisture away fromShort Elastichealing. Circumferential adjustable wrist strapthe skin, and is completely washable (with stay removed). Perfect provides compression for wrist immobilization.for sprains and strains, weakness, or for joint protection after cast Nonremovable aluminum stay supports andremoval. Hook-and-loop closures. Short style applies greater positions wrist in extension.support to the wrist, giving hand more freedom to move. Long style with long forearm length optimally distributes pressure and 18 "-thick double-sided neoprene with nylon hand weight without restricting hand function for all-day comfort.Long ElasticcoverBlackSizing: Measure wrist circumference. 3XS, 2"-3";SIZINGUSA SHORT (RED/BLUE)SHORT ELASTIC (BEIGE)LONG ELASTIC (BEIGE)XXS, 3"-4"; XS, 4"-5"; S, 5"-6".(MEASURE WRIST CIRC.)LEFTRIGHTLEFTRIGHTLEFTRIGHT#52518WRIST SUPPORT$21.75 eaXXS0"-4"#5729#5728#52519w/ABDUCTED THUMB $27.75 eaXS4"-5"#5161*#5161*#5761 #5760#5731 #5730Specify size and Left or Right. S5"-6"#5161*#5161*#5763#5762#5733#5732California residents, see left page. $26.75 ea$26.75 ea$27.75 ea*Specify size and Left or Right. California residents, see left page. 181'