b'Sensory and Reflex Evaluation ToolsReflex and VibratoryAccurate results, early detectionCLINIC SUPPLIESTesting BESTSELLER!Reliable, single-patient useTaylor Percussion Hammers71/2"LSolid rubber headRed#5000$19.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.Front viewSENSORY AND REFLEX TESTING TOOLSRepeatable force ensures consistent resultsBack viewBaseline Babinski Hammers Disposable Monofilaments provide superior testing consistency and accuracy for Adjustable circular headparallel orearly detection of sensory loss or neuropathy in diabetic patients. Proprietary filament perpendicular to the shaft.is resistant to environmental fluctuations unlike nylon filaments, which can be affected by humidity or temperature changes that can compromise results. Monofilament 10"L x 2" diam. is attached to a paperboard handle with a 5 site testing protocol map on the back. #5002$20.00 ea Perforated blister pack for protective storage. 20/pk.California residents, see left page. QTY:631121 Call for Volume Pricing!#32745$20.00 pk$38.00 pk$41.00 pk$53.75 pkCalifornia residents, see left page.FREE SAMPLES! AliMed.com/monofilament n Lightweight plastic handlesBaseline Monofilaments measure cutaneous sensory perception threshold. Baseline Buck Neurological#32399*20-PIECE COMPLETE KIT$350.75 kitFAX800.437.2966#32398**6-PIECE FOOT KIT$108.00 kitHammers with Tuning Fork include pin#323975-PIECE HAND KIT$93.75 kitand brush. 256 cps.*Includes one each of 1.65, 2.36, 2.44, 2.83, 3.22, 3.61, #5005$31.00 ea3.84, 4.08, 4.17, 4.31, 4.56, 4.74, 4.93, 5.07, 5.18, 5.46, California residents, see left page. 5.88, 6.10, 6.45, and 6.65. **Includes one each of 2.83, 3.61, 4.31, 4.56, 5.07, 6.65. Includes one each of 2.83, 3.61, 4.31, 4.56, and 6.65. California residents, see left page. AliMed.com 800.225.2610n Handheld digital detectorDiabetic Neuropathy Deviceallows early detection and treatment of diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Handheld digital device is easy to use and provides objective screenings using tactile stimuli, vibration sensitivity, and variable temperatures to score sensory deficiencies. Numerical results on LED digital display. Easily conducts three-minute comprehensive foot exams. Metal tip vibrates at five different amplitudes. Two temperature pads offer fixed baseline temperature and variable temperature for heating and cooling. Easily attaches to existing mobile assessment equipment with included holder. FDA-cleared.3"W x 7"L x 11/2"H1.5 lbs. #939268$9,995.00 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.215'