b'Protect the diabetic footFOOT AND ANKLE Why diabetic insoles? 1 8 " fine-celled ProCellEVAExcessive pressure on the diabetic116 " supportive footbrought on by an unyielding shoePORONinsole, inadequate arch support, or aCushioningpoorly fitted shoecan result in ulceration316 " ProCell and subsequent amputation. To keepEVAfeet properly supported and protected, its important to use a pair of insoles that offer total contact, support, and comfort. Insoles such as the Duo/Laminate D-Sole (p. 13)or FREEDOM Trilaminate 1 (at right) utilize Plastazote or a similar material for use with neuropathic feet and in easing pain and discomfort in arthritic feet by offering maximum cushioning and redistributingPDACpressure on sensitive areas of the feet.APPROVEDDIABETIC INSOLES Incorporated heel cup and longitudinal archnTotal contact in minutescontact or to relieve high-pressure areas. combine for stabilization, support, and a comfortable fit. Add accommodations, suchFREEDOMTrilaminate 1 Insolesas scaphoid or met pads, for additional relief tohigh-pressure areas. Heat mold for a customizedare a new step in heat-moldable footcare,Generous forefoot shape can be trimmed to fit fit. Save time and keep a pair inside each pair ofwith total contact in minutes. Multiple-density,any shoe. Molds best with Convection Oven shoes for protection any time. prefabricated, removable inlay can be heated ( #70389 , see p. 202). and directly molded to patients foot, offering complete contact with plantar surface, including SIZEWMNSMENSITEM #QTYarch. Suited to help prevent and control problemsXS5-7#66376PRin the vascularly insensitive and/or hypersensitiveS8-96-8#66376PRfoot. Full " top layer of fine-celled ProCellEVA 1 8M10-118-9#66376PRmolds to foot with heat and pressure. A116 " mid-layer of supportive PORON Cushioning helpsL10-11 #66376PRensure that orthoses wont bottom out. Firm3"XL12-13#66376PR16 XXL14-15#66376PRbase of ProCell EVA for optimum support without extreme rigidity. Accommodations, such asSpecify size.scaphoid or met pads, can be used above orSuggested code: A5512below insole during molding to ensure total n Moldable footbedFAX800.437.2966 Comf-Orthotic Extra Cushioning Replacement InsolesSoft, breathable, and durable top layer conforms to the foot to create a custom-molded foot bed. Provides extra cushioning and a protective layer for those suffering from loss of natural fat padding.866.936.2987AliMed.comSIZEWMNSITEM #MENSITEM #WIDEQTYXS41 2 -51 2#665085-61 2 #66508PRS 6-7 #665087-81 2 #66508#66508PR n Full-length inlaysM 71 2 -81 2 #665089-91 2 #66508#66508PR Diabetic Orthosis Kits include full-length inlays M/L 10-11#66508#66508PRL 9-10#66508111 2 -121 2 #66508#66508PR for diabetic or insensitive feet. Two sheets each XL101 2 -111 2 #6650813-141 2 #66508#66508PR of 5 12 "W x 12"L x14 " thick Plastazote #1 and #2. XXL15-161 2 #66508PR Instructions included. Specify size and Wmns or Mens. #6550DIABETIC ORTHOSIS KIT4/KIT More Hapad products,pp. 20, 21More materials for custom orthotics,pp. 195-20112 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'