b'NEW!Comfy models,Hand/Wrist Orthosessizes, and cover optionsWRIST AND HANDTerrycloth cover shown with optional Finger SeparatorPDACAPPROVEDLarge PanPDACComfyprene coverLong Opponens APPROVEDshown in Light Blue nButterfly frame for addedHAND/WRIST ORTHOSES n Multipurpose orthoses for wrists, hands, and fingers wrist/forearm supportHand/Wrist OrthosesVersatile, multipurpose orthosis supports and positions weak or deformed wrists,Cuddler Hand/Wrist OrthosesSame hands, or fingers. Customizable support for gradual extension of nonfixed contractures of the wrist andfeatures as Hand/Wrist Orthosis (at left) with hand, featuring adjustable metal frame that bends to fit without heat or additional tools. Side wings preventadjustable butterfly frame for additional support ulnar/radial deviation. Long Opponens model has 1" longer forearm length and Large Pan model has 1"and better fit around the wrist and forearm. Soft, longer pan length. All models compatible with optional Finger Separator (sold separately on p. 129) to helpremovable, machine-washable Terrycloth cover. prevent pressure. Choose soft, removable, machine-washable Terrycloth or new antimicrobial HeadlinerOne size (Adult). Fits left or right. Navy.cover, or slim, nonremovable, surface-cleanable Comfyprene neoprene cover. Fits left or right.Sizing: See chart below.Sizing: See chart below, right. Pediatric sizes on p. 183. #51718CUDDLER HAND/WRIST ORTHOSISEA TERRYCLOTH, NAVYCOMFYPRENE Suggested code: L3807/L3809#52869ADULT SMALLEA #52874ADULT SMALL, DARK BLUE EA#51710ADULT EA #52875ADULT SMALL, LIGHT BLUE EA#52868ADULT LARGE EA #52153*ADULT EA#52920ADULT, LONG OPPONENS EA #52872ADULT LARGE, DARK BLUE EA#52923ADULT, LARGE PAN EA #52873ADULT LARGE, LIGHT BLUE EA HEADLINER, NAVY *Specify Dark Blue or Light Blue#52871ADULT SMALL EA Suggested code: L3807/L3809 (all models)#52870ADULT EAFAX800.437.2966PDACAPPROVEDTerrycloth cover Spring-Loadedn Added straps for support, positioning 866.936.2987AliMed.com Goniometer 4-Strap Hand/Wrist OrthosesSame features as Hand/Wrist Orthosis (above, left) with four Goniometer joint PDAC straps to position and support the hand, thumb, APPROVED and fingers. Soft, removable, machine-washable n Adjustable ROMSizing: See chart below, right. Pediatric sizes on p. 183.Terrycloth cover. One size (Adult). Fits left or right. Navy.Goniometer Hand/Wrist OrthosesSame GONIOMETER Sizing: See chart below. Pediatric sizes on p. 183. features as Hand/Wrist Orthosis (above) with#52915ADULT, TERRYCLOTHEA #528934-STRAP HAND/WRIST ORTHOSIS EAGoniometer to allow for range of movement.#52916ADULT, HEADLINEREACan be set to static position or to adjust flexion/SPRING-LOADED GONIOMETER Suggested code: L3807/L3809extension in 5 increments. Spring-Loaded COMFY HAND/WRIST ORTHOSIS SIZE CHARTGoniometer has added spring that applies#52940ADULT SMALL, TERRYCLOTHEAdynamic stretch force to push wrist to desired#51727ADULT, TERRYCLOTHEAWRIST TO TIPTOTALdegree of extension. Large Pan model has 1"#52941ADULT, HEADLINEREASIZEOF MIDDLE FINGERLENGTHlonger forearm length. Choose soft, removable,#52925ADULT, LG. PAN, TERRYCLOTHEA ADULT SMALL6"7"11"machine-washable Terrycloth or antimicrobialSuggested code: E1805 (Spring-Loaded Goniometer); ADULT7"8"121 2 "Headliner cover. Fits left or right. Navy. L3807/L3809 (Large Pan) ADULT LARGE8" AND ABOVE133/4"128 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'