b'MetScaphoid PadsHeel PadsCushionsFOOT AND ANKLE n Metatarsal and medial arch support Cloverleaf Met PadsViscoelastic Pads fit inside shoes or in addition to insoles as a conservative treatment for generalized forefoot pain. Cloverleaf Met PadsnCustomizereduce pain and discomfort in and around metatarsalpatient orthoticsor metatarsophalangeal joint. Scaphoid Pads feature longitudinal arch pads used at medial arch to give extraPPT Self-Adhesive Heel Padsmidfoot support with limited flexing. Both styles haveLightweight, for extra support and cushion-adhesive backing.12 pr/pk. ing. Adheres quickly to other materials. 12/pk.Sizing: Approximate with shoe size. S fits 5-8; M fits 8-10;Scaphoid Pads 1L fits 10+. #615818 " THICK$43.75 pk#61594 " THICK$50.75 pk#66445CLOVERLEAF MET PAD $30.00 pk ($2.50 pr) California residents, see below.#60619SCAPHOID PAD $53.75 pk ($4.48 pr)Specify size. California residents, see below.METSCAPHOID PADSHEEL PADSCUSHIONSn Foam padding for ball of foot and metatarsal arch n Thick, SpenCorematerial comfortRX Ball-of-Foot CushionsContoured 1 4 "-thick PU foam padding for the ball of foot andRX Heel CushionsThick, SpenCore metatarsal arch. Four-way stretch fabric with Silpurecushioning layer absorbs shock and impact. Four-Antimicrobial helps prevent blisters while controlling odor. way stretch fabric with Silpure Antimicrobial helps prevent blisters while controlling odor. Tapered Sizing: S, Wmns 5-7, Mens 6-8; M, Wmns 8-10, Mens 9-11; L, Wmnsedge fits comfortably in shoes.11-12, Mens 12-15.Sizing: S, Wmns 5-7, Mens 6-8; M, Wmns 8-10, Mens 9-11; #66970$10.00 pr L, Wmns 11-12, Mens 12-15.Specify size.#66971$12.00 prCalifornia residents, see below. Specify size. California residents, see below.n U-shape surrounds and cushions callusn Available in Plain or Beveled EdgeU-Shape Gel Callus PadsU-shaped Felt Met Pads offload metatarsal heads to help lesion cushion with beveled edges surrounds,relieve pain and pressure. Adhesive-backed high-cushions, and transfers pressure off of calluses.quality orthopedic felt with 72% wool content. Self-stick soft purple gel. Washable and Available with Beveled Edge for additional comfort. reusable. 2/pk, 4 pks/cs. Not made with natural rubber latex. 100/pk.#6711004$44.00 cs 2 3 / 4 "W2 1 / 4 "L 14 " thick California residents, see below.#6711518 " THICK, PLAIN EDGE$40.00 pk plain edge shownn Reduces pressure while walking #67116" THICK, PLAIN EDGE$55.00 pkor standing #67117" THICK, BEVELED EDGE$61.00 pkFAX800.437.2966 California residents, see below. Gel Ball-of-Foot Met Pads cushion the ball n Beveled edge for additional comfortof the foot or offload metatarsal heads depending upon placement (on top of or behind ball of theFelt Arch Pads provide arch support and relief foot). Helps reduce pressure while walking orfor plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, and arthritis. Adhesive-standing. Self-stick soft purple gel. Washable backed high-quality orthopedic felt with 72% wool and reusable. 2/pk, 4 pks/cs. content. Beveled edge for additional comfort. Not800.225.2610AliMed.com #671110418 " THICK$44.00 cs 18 " thick shown made with natural rubber latex.100/pk.#67112041/ 4 " THICK$48.00 cs 2 1 / 2 "W x 4 1 / 2 "L x1 / 4 " thickCalifornia residents, see below.#67118$102.00 pkn Self-stick gel for easy application California residents, see below. 14 " thick beveled edgeGel Dancer Met Pads cushion ball of the footn Offloads any Metatarsal Headand reduce pressure under any metatarsal head but especially the big toe joint. Shifts weight-bearingFelt Dancer Met PadsTypically used to away from painful area, helping to relieve stress,offload the first metatarsal head but can be turned for tenderness, and pain. Self-stick soft purple gel.use on any met head. Adhesive-backed high-quality Washable and reusable. 2/pk, 4 pks/cs. orthopedic felt with 72% wool content. Beveled edge for #671130418 " THICK$34.00 cs 18 " thick shown additional comfort. Not made with natural rubber latex. #6711404" THICK$36.00 cs 100/pk. Specify left or right.3 1 / 4 "W x 2 3 / 4 "L x1 / 4 " thickCalifornia residents, see below. #67119$95.00 pkSpecify left or right. California residents, see below. California Proposition 65 StatementWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the 22 State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.'