b'Digital Care and Protection FOOT AND ANKLE SiliposSilipos BESTSELLER!n Fully lined gel tubingFully CoatedDigital Gel TubingPolymer gel slowlyn Half-coated gel tubingreleases mineral oil to moisturize skin. RibbedHalf-Coated Digital Strips knit elastic offers greaterfor toes and fingers. Recommended for compression than meshVisco-GELn Circular pads absorb pressure andblisters, overlapping toes, hammertoes, soft corns, elastic. Cut to length. Ribbed Knit shown nail problems, and bunions. Polymer gel slowly frictionSILIPOS RIBBED KNIT Digital Pad Strips help relieve pain from corns,releases mineral oil to moisturize skin. Ribbed-DIGITAL CARE AND PROTECTION #61188NARROW, 34"W x 6"L 3/PK calluses, nail problems, and dry or damagedknit elastic sleeve offers gentle compression. #61187WIDE, 3"W x 10"L EA cuticles. Polymer gel slowly releases mineral oilContinuous gel coating offers improved coverage PEDIFIX VISCO-GEL RIBBED to moisturize skin. 24"L ribbed knit elastic sleeveand allows trimming to any length. Approximately 24"L (60 cm). Using a guideline of 3 cm per strip, #65516NARROW, 34"W x 6"L 3/PK offers gentle compression and can easily be cut toyields 20 protectors per strip.#65517WIDE, 1"W x 6"L 3/PK length.Silipos Sizing: S, narrow or fifth toe; M, lesser toes or PEDIFIX VISCO-GEL MESH SILIPOS fingers; L, hallux or thumb.#65518NARROW, 34"W x 6"L 3/PK #63378 MINI (17 PADS/STRIP) 2 STRIPS/PK SILIPOS#65520WIDE, 1"W x 6"L3/PK #63376S/M (16 PADS/STRIP)2 STRIPS/PK #64495S (NARROW) 2 STRIPS/PK#65519X-WIDE, 3"W x 10"L EA #63379L/XL (14 PADS/STRIP)2 STRIPS/PK #63377M (MEDIUM) 2 STRIPS/PK#64496L (WIDE) 2 STRIPS/PKSiliposSilipos PEDIFIX VISCO-GEL#65512S/M 2 STRIPS/PKn All-gel cap smooths BEST #65513L/XL 2 STRIPS/PKand moisturizes SELLER!All-Gel Digital CapsPediFix for fingers and toes.nFabric sleeveRibbedRecommended for corns,with mineral oilblisters, calluses, hammertoes, and ingrown nails. Virtually transparent. Polymer gel slowly releasesDigital Pads for toes. Help relieve pain from mineral oil to moisturize skin. Washable andcorns, blisters, hammertoes, calluses, and other reusable. Trim to size. injuries. Flexible ribbed knit is half-coated withSilipospolymer gel that slowly releases mineral oil toSiliposSizing: Use S/M for lesser toes/fingers; Mesh L/XL for hallux/thumb.moisturize skin.FAX800.437.2966 SILIPOS SILIPOS n Knit cap offers compression #65217S/M 4/PK #60346XS 12/PK#65218L/XL 4/PK #60347S/M12/PK Digital Caps for partially amputated digits, PEDIFIX VISCO-GEL #60348L/XL 12/PK calluses, corns, or hammertoes. Fully lined with PEDIFIX VISCO-GEL CORN PAD polymer gel that slowly releases mineral oil to #65503S/M 10/PK moisturize skin. Knit offers greater compression #65504L/XL 10/PK #65489S/M 12/PK than mesh fabric. Seamless knit adds comfort. 866.936.2987AliMed.com #65505XXL 10/PK #65490L/XL 12/PK Trim to length.SILIPOS MESH FABRIC#60328 S/M 8/PKPEDIFIX VISCO-GEL RIBBED#65495S/M 6/PK#65496L/XL 6/PK#65497XXL 6/PKnRelieve pain of various digit ailments n Fabric sleeve keeps spacer in place SEAMLESS KNITVisco-GEL Digital Tubes for corns,No-Slip Toe Spacers aid in separation and#65498S/M 6/PKhammertoes, keratotic lesions, and partiallyalignment of toes. Helps reduce irritation and #65499L/XL 6/PKamputated digits. relieve pressure and friction. Wear with gel spacer #65500XXL 6/PK#65492S 10/PK in contact with toe or inside fabric sleeve. One size.MESH#65493M10/PK #67058NO-SLIP TOE SPACER 4/PK #65501S/M 6/PK#65494L10/PK #65502L/XL 6/PK22 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'