b'Cast PaddingStockinettes MATERIALS AND TOOLSn Conforms comfortably to complex anatomiesDelta-Net Orthopedic Synthetic StockinettesAcrylic fabric keeps skin cool and dry. Stretches to more than twice its width. Use with synthetic and plaster casting material. Not made with natural rubber latex. White. ITEM #W x L QTY#49332" x 25 yds2 RL/CS#49343" x 25 yds2 RL/CS #49354" x 25 yds2 RL/CSn Stretchable 100% cotton yarn #49378" x 25 yds1 RL/CSCotton Stockinettes100% cotton yarn.n Suitable for use around woundshighly absorbentStretches up to three times normal size. Protects body parts during splinting and casting.BSN Sof-Rol Synthetic Cast Padding100% surgical-grade,#43531"W x 25 yds1 RL/BX needle-loomed rayon suitable for use around wounds. Combines#43562"W x 25 yds1 RL/BX high tensile strength with high absorbency for maximum under-castCAST PADDINGSTOCKINETTEScomfort. Not made with natural rubber latex.#43573"W x 25 yds1 RL/BX#43584"W x 25 yds 1 RL/BXITEM #W x L QTY#43606"W x 25 yds1 RL/BX #49632" x 4 yds24 RL/PK#49653" x 4 yds12 RL/PK #49674" x 4 yds12 RL/PK#4968 4" x 4 yds 6 RL/PK#49696" x 4 yds6 RL/PK n Hand-tearable, easy applicationSpecialist 100 Cotton Cast PaddingSoft, 100% cotton feathers and self-bonds for a smooth under-cast surface. Tears by hand. Offers custom padding around bony prominences. Not n High-grade absorbent cotton made with natural rubber latex.Specialist Orthopedic Cotton ITEM #W x L QTYStockinettesUnbleached, high-grade, absorbent,#410022" x 4 yds24 RL/PKknitted cotton for undercast layer. Stretches to three#410043" x 4 yds12 RL/PK times its width to conform to complex anatomies.#410064" x 4 yds12 RL/PKNot made with natural rubber latex. #4938 2"W x 25 yds1 RL/BX#49403"W x 25 yds1 RL/BX nUnique micropleats ease application without#4942 4"W x 25 yds1 RL/BX tucking or tearing#4944 6"W x 25 yds1 RL/BX Specialist Cotton Blend Cast PaddingMicropleated for FAX800.437.2966conformability, protection, and ease of application without tucking or tearing. Cotton and rayon blend has excellent absorption. Not made with natural rubber latex. ITEM #W x L QTY#49832" x 4 yds24 RL/PK#49853" x 4 yds12 RL/PKAliMed.com 866.936.2987#49874" x 4 yds12 RL/PKn Water-resistant n Conformable stretch allows narrow widths around small anatomiesDelta-Dry Water-Resistant Cast PaddingDelta-Rol Synthetic Cast Padding100% acrylic fibers wick allows patients to shower, swim, wash hands,moisture away from skin. Nonabsorbent. Easy to tear and highly or participate in hydrotherapy. Minimizes castconformable. Maintains its bulk even when wet, resulting in an odor. Easy to applyno special tools needed.excellent, continuous cast fit. Not made with natural rubber latex.Eliminates need for stockinette. Not made with ITEM #W x L QTYnatural rubber latex.#49592" x 4 yds24 RL/PK#49762"W x 21 2yds12 RL/PK #49603" x 4 yds12 RL/PK #49773"W x 21 2yds12 RL/PK #49614" x 4 yds12 RL/PK#49784"W x 21 2yds12 RL/PK #49626" x 4 yds6 RL/PKMORE CASTING SUPPLIESPP. 190-192LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 189'