b'Heating EquipmentTimers MATERIALS AND TOOLSElectronic Stopwatch/Timers count up to 99minutes, 59 seconds, or down from 100 minutes. Can be preset. n Variable temp 2 12 "W x 2 12 "L x34 "DG-13 button-cell battery includedn Continuous-duty bench-top system #5577ELECTRONIC STOPWATCH/TIMEREAEddy Economy Heat Guns with built-in safety stand for hands-free operation. Two-speed motor. Master-Mite Heat GunsLightweight, 250-1,100F (121-593C)120V/10 amps1,200 wattsself-standing, and silent. Heavy-duty plastic. HEATING EQUIPMENTTIMERSUL- and CSA-Listed6\' cord1.6 lbs.1-year warranty 650F (343C)120V/4.5 amps475 wattsUL- and CSA- #72127EDDY ECONOMY HEAT GUNEA Listed7\' cordThree-prong, grounded plug3 lbs. 1-year warranty#7618MASTER-MITE HEAT GUNEANew and improved! Bell Timers can be set for any i nterval up to 60 minutes. 10-second ring can be heard up to 50 feet away.#5535BELL TIMEREAn Heats full hand or foot orthosesConvection Ovens for thermoplastics and heat-nHigh airflow, powerful high-speed motor moldable foams. Large enough to heat full foot or hand orthoses. Internal fan circulates air for more Heat GunsAluminum with a molded grip andeven distribution of heat. Heating elements located base. Three-prong, grounded plug. above and below two adjustable racks.514"W x 10"L x 912"H800F(426C)120V/12 ampsInterior dimensions: 2034"L x 1212"H x 17"DExterior1,440 watts UL-Listed6\'L cord, 3-wire grounded dimensions: 2312"L x 1412"H x 17 78 "DStandard two- 5 lbs.1-year warrantyprong wall plug1,500 watts120V26.5 lbs. Triple Timer Clocks time three activities at FAX800.437.2966 #713862HEAT GUNEA #70389CONVECTION OVENEA once. Large LCD display. Includes clip, stand, Additional shipping charges may apply.magnet, and hanging hole. 2 12 "W x 2 12 "L x34 "DOne AAA battery includedFor all your adhesive needs #51966TRIPLE TIMER CLOCKEA866.936.2987AliMed.com Join our email list!n Extremely strong bond Stay up to date onDuall #88 Cement(Similar to Barge and Master.) High-quality, extremely strong bond. Forn For foam and fabric new catalogs, product use with leather, composition rubber, crepe, cork,3M Spray 90 for use on foam and fabric.promos, and more!fabrics, foam, and felt. 32-oz. can.Convenient 24-oz. spray can. #70206*DUALL #88 CEMENT12/CS #70203M SPRAY 90EA AliMed.com/signup* Items indicated as hazardous must ship ground. Additional shipping charges may apply. 202 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'