b'Heel Suspension Positioners FOOT AND ANKLEProtection in supine or lateral positionsLimitsas low asFoot StabilizersComfortablerotationsupport with malleoli and heel$ 28. ea75protection. Soft, breathable polyurethane foam wicks away heat and moisture. When used in a side-lying position, ankles are protected by side cutouts. 8"W x 15"L x 8"H#60608FOOT STABILIZER$67.75 eanMoisture-wicking fabric #606094/cs$115.00 cs ($28.75 ea) Heel and Ankle Protectors protect heel andSave $156.00lateral malleolus. Heel is suspended and protectedAdditional shipping charges may apply. by multiple layers of moisture-wicking VentoAirCalifornia residents, see left page.HEEL SUSPENSION POSITIONERSfabric under calf. Soft, adjustable straps position the foot and ankle securely, leaving the toes and heel exposed. Not made with natural rubber latex. n Open design for heel access Original Heel-FreeSizing: Measure calf circumference. S/M, 8"-15"; M/L, 16"+. Original Heel-Free CushionsPuncture-#66517$87.00 ea resistant vinyl. Inflatable cushion suspends Specify size. California residents, see left page. heel for access and aeration of draining ulcers. Foot is supported by plantar holding bar. Beta Pile II straps and cotton sleeve included. Optional Hand Pump (sold separately/not shown). Deluxe Heel-Free is the same as the Original, but has nylon-reinforced inflatable vinyl, and a deluxe inflator valve for minor adjustments. Hand bulb isDeluxe Heel-Freeincluded for fine adjustments (not shown).#6470ORIGINAL$36.75 ea#62056DELUXE$43.25 ea#66223HAND PUMP, 2/pk$19.75 pkCalifornia residents, see left page.n Side vents keep feet coolHeel GuardsSoft, lightweight foam. SidenOpen-form design protects malleolivents help keep feet cool. Hook-and-loop fasteners. Single-patient use. Not washable. Zero-G Boot AIRoffers a light, comfortable, low-One size. profile design that helps eliminate pressure and friction #70498$31.00 pr to the skin while still suspending the heel. VelvetpediCalifornia residents, see left page. lining with antimicrobial protection for added comfortsizesand protection. Open-form design protects and floats FAX800.437.2966lateral and medial malleoli. Removable gel pack can be used to lower pressure beneath ankle further, while keeping feet cool. Specialized three-dimensional spacer fabric facilitates air flow and breathability.Sizing: S, Petite Adult/Pediatric, 3"W; M, Average Adult, 4"W; L, Large Adult/Bariatric, 5"W. AliMed.com 800.225.2610#66732 S$57.75 ea#66733 M$57.75 ea#66734 L$65.00 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.n MicroSpring Textile lining with polyfill pillow stuffing n Soft ankle protectionDermaLiftHeel PilllowsMicroSpring TextileAnkle Bumper SleevesThree layers of supported by anatomical polyfill foundation evenlyMicroSpring Textile wrap around ankle to help distributes offload pressure over the larger ankleprotect malleoli. Foot stirrup helps to hold bumper and calf area. Machine-washable or wipe clean.in place. Fits left or right.One size. Fits left or right.#67103$168.00 ea Sizing: Measure around malleoli. If unsure, select larger size. S, 9" or less; M, 9"-11"; L, 11"-13"; XL, 13"+.California residents, see left page. #66001ANKLE BUMPER$27.75 ea#660876/cs$150.75 cs($25.13 ea)Specify size. California residents, see left page.57'