b'Ambulatory Footdrop Braces FOOT AND ANKLEEasy to fit and adjustSliding posterior cuffFREEDOM Swedish AFOs for static moves up anddorsiflexion assistance and medial and down lateral stability for the foot and ankle. Injection molding allows using thicker polypropylene on vertical aspect for rigidity. Thinner foot plate may be trimmed with scissors. Use heat gun for further adjustments. Low arch and open heelfits easily into any shoe. Padded hook-and-loop strap secures AFO around calf. n Sliding cuff Sizing: Wmns fits up to Wmns size 91 2 .AMBULATORY FOOTDROP BRACESMens fits up to Mens size 12. Sliding Ankle Foot OrthosesSliding posterior cuff moves up and down. Protects against abrasion and maceration in calf. Padded cuff. Trim-to-fit foot plate.Sizing: Approximate by shoe size. See chart below.DESCRIPTIONWHITEBLACKQTY ITEM #SIZEHEIGHTWMNSMENSQTY WMNS RIGHT#64328#64332EA#60748S133 4 "3-65-7EA WMNS LEFT#64329#64333EA#60749M133 4 "6-97-9EA MENS RIGHT#64330#64334 EA#60751L14"9-119-11EA MENS LEFT#64331#64335EA3 4 Trim #60752XL15 "11+11-13EA foot plate Specify Left or Right.easilyAttaches to any lace-up shoeAttachApplyAdjustFAX800.437.2966Attach shoe strap to shoe underWrap cuff around lower leg andPull adjuster strap for laces or hook-and-loop closurebuckle to shoe strap dorsiflexion control AliMed.com 866.936.2987n Easy to attach, apply, and adjustFREEDOM Adjustable FootdropUnique closure allows the wearer to customize the BracesFinally, a footdrop brace that canlevel of support throughout the day with a simple be applied in seconds, can easily be moved frompull on the adjuster strap. Quick-release attachment shoe to shoe, and is easy to adjustits thatbuckle permits easy transfer of the brace from simple! Unlike hard, restrictive braces that lockshoe to shoe.the foot into one position, the FREEDOMLightweight neoprene cuff and hook-and-loop Adjustable Footdrop Brace promotes a moreclosure make this brace easy to apply and adjust natural foot motion than traditional AFOs.for a proper fit. Plastic stiffeners help prevent cuff Support is given only where it is needed from migrating during wear. Can be worn with support with the FREEDOM to function. any mens or womens dress, casual, or athletic Sizing: Measure lower leg just above ankle joint at Brace limits plantarflexion onlyankleshoe with lace-up or hook-and-loop closure. And by1motion is otherwise unhindered. This freedomattaching a shoe strap to each pair of shoes, onenarrowest point. Fits circumference up to 102 ". of movement helps maintain ankle strengthbrace can be easily moved to the shoe of choice.#66220ADJUSTABLE FOOTDROP BRACE EAand proprioception that can easily be lost dueEach brace includes two shoe straps. Additional#66221ADDITIONAL STRAPS3/PKto excessive immobilization or over bracing.Straps sold separately.LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 57'