b'Wrist and Thumb Immobilizers WRIST AND HANDShortn Adjustable palmar and dorsal metal staysFREEDOM comfort Thumb Spicas Sizing: Measure circumference of hand at MP joints. nLateral aluminum bars andEffective immobilization and support for wristS, 714"-814"; M, 814"-914"; L, 914"-1014"; XL, 1014"-12". metacarpal barand thumb. Wide, contoured palmar stay plus two RIGHTSIZELEFTSIZEQTYdorsal stays give rigid protection and support. InnerManuLocstabilizes a painful wrist after injury, lining of cloth-covered, open-cell foam is breathable#77451S#77455SEA surgery, and in case of stress symptoms. Three and plush, ensuring patient comfort and increased#77452M #77456MEA adjustable, pre-shaped aluminum stays immobilize WRIST AND THUMB IMMOBILIZERS compliance. Hook-and-loop D-ring closure allows#77453L#77457LEA the wrist in a functional position, relieve strain, easy application and optimal fit. Great for post-cast#77454XL#77458XLEA and limit radial and ulnar movement. Large thumb healing, Gamekeepers Thumb, soft-tissue injuries,opening and free movement for the fingers allow de Quervains tendonitis, and some scaphoidcontrolled grasping movements to maintain the injuries. Not made with natural rubber latex. mobility of the hand. The breathable structure wicks away moisture from the skin and allows the skin to breathe. Fits left or right.Sizing: Measure wrist circumference. Size 0, 434"-6"; Size 1, 512"-7"; Size 2, 634"-814"; Size 3, 734"-1014". Long model recommended for a forearm length of 814" or more measured from the wrist.#52690SHORT EA#52691LONG EASpecify size. Wrist-Hand-Thumbn Radiolucent for unhindered imagingWrist-Hand-Thumb PlastiCasts for rigid#510272WRIST-HAND-THUMB EAwrist/thumb immobilization with full-finger#510271WRIST-HAND EAROM. Hook-and-loopclosures. Ventilated.Specify size and Left or Right.Hypoallergenic. Water-resistant. Modify with scissors and heat gun. Wrist-Hand PlastiCasts immobilize wrist while allowing full finger/thumbCIRCUMFERENCEROM. Includes two stockinettes.SIZEMP DIAMETERWRISTFOREARMFAX800.437.2966 Shell: Semirigid polyethyleneInterior:18 " thermo- S234"-314"7"-8"8"-10"M314"-334"8"-9"10"-12" Longbonded, closed-cell polyethylene foamSizing: Measure wrist and forearm circumference.L 334"-4"9"-10"12"-14"See chart at right.n Metacarpal bar and thumb866.936.2987AliMed.com metacarpal stayManuLoc Rhizo stabilizes the wrist, CMC, and MCP of the thumb. Three adjustable, pre-shaped aluminum stays immobilize the wrist in a functional position, relieve strain, and limit radial and ulnar movement. An individually shapeable aluminum frame fixes the thumb in opposition. VELCRO-brand tab allows the gradual release of the thumb immobilization. Thumb brace can be removed completely as rehabilitation continues. Sizing: Measure wrist circumference. Size 0, 43 4 "-6"; nAdjustable metal radial and palmar stays 1 3 1 3 1Size 1, 52 "-7"; Size 2, 64 "-84 "; Size 3, 74 "-104 ". Long FormFit Thumb Spica SplintsLightweight,Sizing: Measure circumference of smallest part of wrist.model recommended for a forearm length of 81 4 " or more breathable material. Contour fit with customizableXS, 51 4 "-61 4 "; S, 61 4 "-71 4 "; M, 71 4 "-8"; L, 8"-9"; XL, 9"-10". measured from the wrist.stays and contact closure straps.#51272THUMB SPICA SPLINT EA #52692SHORT EASpecify size and Left or Right.#52693LONG EASpecify size and Left or Right. 114 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'