b'Leg and Knee PositionersCLINIC SUPPLIES Merchant Bilateral Method Positioning Single-Use Operative Leg HoldersKnee holderDisposableCover/Coating Options secures and stabilizes Upholstered These nonslip coverings areoperative leg in durable and wipe clean easily. Although seams arethe arthroscopic not artifact-free, all seams are located on positionerleg holder. edges and are water-resistant, bacteriostatic, and3"W x 11"O.D. x flame-retardant.*7"I.D.Polyethylene#931961 LEG HOLDER Blue Vinyl 5/CSShown in Blue Vinyl is recommended for Additional shipping use in imaging due to itsBlue Vinyl charges may apply.Knee Bolsters offer support under theradiolucent properties.knees and legs to alleviate pressure on the back during supine positioning. Often used in MRI, LEG AND KNEE POSITIONERS CT, for patient comfort in upper-body imaging,Black Conductive surgery, and L-S spine exams, these positionersVinyl is recommendedare shaped to fit under the knees at just the rightfor use in the O.R. Black angle. Three surface options (see below) to fit yourConductiveDisposabledepartments needs. VinylUse this key to*Flame-retardant (NFPA 16 CFR part 1632) Class A.determine the rightProtecta-Coat Impenetrable, seamless size for you! H coating prevents fluid absorption. W Just rinse, clean, and disinfect!ReversibleD Nonslip coating is impregnated witheither side can antimicrobial ionic silver particles,sit on top edge Standard BolstersBest for average-heightwhich control odor-causingof table.patients. Upholstered styles have handles on bacteria on the products both sides for quick positioning and removal. surface. This protection lasts 21"W x 7 14 "H x 12 12 "D for the life of the product.Single-Use Well-Leg Holders Radiolucent at 60 kVp or above.Reversi ble to accommodate shorter legs. #91-141BLUE VINYLEA#930914BLACK CONDUCTIVEEA Additional bolsters available atProtecta-Coat14"W x 17"L with 6 12 "W x 2" deep cutout and contoured #937334PROTECTA-COATEA AliMed.com. 90 anglePolyfoam #931959LEG HOLDEREA Antimicrobial, fluid-proof positionersCleaner, clearer imagesProtecta-Coat PositionersSeamless, vinyl-coated position- Fluid-proof Award-winning curved-edge FAX800.437.2966 ers are radiolucent on surfaces at 60design reduces artifactskVp or above.* Embedded with antimicrobial ionic silver that controls odor-causing bacteria on the products surface for the life of the positioner. * When tested at low attenuation of 80 kVp, results indicate an aluminum equivalency 866.936.2987AliMed.com of 1%. Procedures at less than 60 kVp may produce slightly visible lines on edges.InvisiCoat 45 PositioningWedgesFluid-proof, seamless, andDESCRIPTIONDIMENSIONSITEM #QTYconstructed with unique curved edges to 35/55 DOUBLE ANGLE WEDGE93 4 "W x 24"L x 63 4 "H#924951EA reduce artifacts and promote clean, clear 45 ANGLE WEDGE7"W x 24"L x 7"H#924952EA images. 45 angle is ideal for cervical and spine 15 WEDGE93 4 "W x 101 2 "L x 23 4 "H#924953 EA imaging, as well as AP oblique pelvis projection 55/35 DOUBLE ANGLE WEDGE91 2 "W x 14"L x 61 2 "H#924954EA and other lateral, lower body positioning. 20 WEDGE81 2 "W x 11"L x 33 4 "H#924955EA 7"W x 24"L x 7"HMR-safeRECTANGLE, L91 4 "W x 14"L x 2"H#924956EARECTANGLE, S7"W x 91 2 "L x 2"H#924957EA #93810045 POSITIONING WEDGEEASEMICIRCLE81 2 "W x 14"L x 41 4 "H#924960EAROLL, S231 2 "L x 6"D#924961EA Additional sizesROLL, L251 2 "L x 81 2 "D#924962EAavailable online!220 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'