b'MATERIALS AND TOOLSMolestick better than Moleskinn Slightly thicker than MoleskinMolestick An improved versionSofter, plusher feelof Moleskin. Molecloth surface is bonded to wafer-thin, open-cell foam with an adhesive backing.Stretchable Easier to position than Moleskinmolecloth surface because of its modest, built-in stretchability.bonded to wafer-Suede feel thin, open-cell foam Molestick is also slightly thicker thanwith an adhesive Moleskin for better cushioning. Foam layerbackingnSuper-strong adhesive bonds compresses under weight to equal Moleskin to splinting material in thickness. Soft Spongeadhesive-backed, Beigeclosed-cell foam cushions the styloids and#47006"W x 6 yds LEAPADDINGbony prominences. Bonds well to a variety of#47019"W x 4 yds LEAmaterials, including thermoplastics, esters, and neoprene foams. 18"W x 2312"L x18 " thickCleanse with warm water and soapBeige#4445SOFT SPONGE4 SH/CSArtificial lambs wool. n Protects skinMoleskinSoft, thick flannel with adhesive-backed, brushed cotton cloth that protects exposed skin against painful blisters, calluses, and hot spots. Fabric is woven and sheared to create a short, soft pile. Dispenser box keeps unused product clean Standard Hook- and accessible. Not made with natural rubber latex.Backing Sensitive 9"W x 4 yds L 116 " thickTan#4881MOLESKINRLEasy-to-use dispenser boxn For even pressure distributionFAX800.437.2966T-Stick Adhesive-Backed Temper Foam Padding featuresAdhesive-the same qualities as T-Foam, with anbackedadhesive backing. Use when even-pressure AliFleece High-pile artificial lambsdistribution is essential. As tissue volume or wool lines splints, covers bed and chairshape changes, T-Stick Padding remains insurfaces, and relieves pressure. Helps preventtotal contact, uniformly cushioning and AliMed.com 866.936.2987skin breakdown and increases patient comfort.supporting the patient. Open-cell foam with Choose Standard or Hook-Sensitive Backingself-adhesive backing.for easy attachment to splints.100% polyesterMachine-washable and dryer-safeITEM #FIRMNESSCOLORDIMENSIONSQTY Standard Backing: 36"W x 60"LHook-Sensitive#4531SOFTPINK16"W x 24"L x 3 8 " THICK2 SH/CSBacking: 18"W x 48"L #4532MEDIUMBLUE16"W x 24"L x 3 8 " THICK2 SH/CS#4369STANDARD BACKINGSH #4533HARDGREEN18"W x 20"L x 3 8 " THICK2 SH/CS#4028HOOK-SENSITIVE BACKINGSH #4160SOFTPINK16"W x 18"L x 1" THICK1 SH #4161MEDIUMBLUE16"W x 18"L x 1" THICK1 SHGEL SHEETINGPP. 212, 213LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 211'