b'MATERIALS AND TOOLSPadded center with self-sealing ends will not fray or unravel.Internal stretch-resistant core stabilizes strap dimensions.Beta Pile II Loop Beta Beta Soft-Strap LoopSuper Beta Pile II LoopBEST LoopSELLER!Soft loopSoft loop Soft loopone side one sideBETA PILE LOOP STRAPboth sides SmoothLong-lasting, nylon tricothigh-loft loop knit onon reversePolyfoam center separated byreverse Polyfoam center with a Polyfoam center with aa stretch-resistant core stretch-resistant core stretch-resistant coreBeta Pile II Loop StrapsA five-layered,Beta Soft-Strap Loop Straps combineSuper Beta Pile II Loop Straps have a standard, hook-sensitive, low-profile straphigh closure cycles (1,000+) with a soft14 "long-life loop closure featuring one side of with fabric on both sides and a stretch-controllingPolyfoam padding. Patients will appreciate thesoft, moderate-cycle loop, recognized as the internal scrim. Moderate closure life.comfort and cool breathability of Soft-Strapskindest, most gentle fabric surface. The other Hand-wash onlysmooth knit nylon tricot fabric. Youll appreciateside features a 100,000-cycle-life conventional, the trouble-free, durable, long-lasting loop.higher-loft loop. The same softness, versatility,BEIGE Hand-wash only and stability as Beta Pile II. #44781"W x 30\'L, 2 rls/pk$54.00 pk Hand-wash only#446911 2 "W x 30\'L$40.00 rlWHITE #44612"W x 30\'L$53.00 rl #44741"W x 25 yds L$40.75 rlBEIGE #44606"W x 10\'L$62.00 rl #44732"W x 25 yds L$93.00 rl #40121"W x 60\'L $39.75 rl BLACK BEIGE#40142"W x 30\'L $40.75 rl#4880 2"W x 30\'L$53.75 rl #42201"W x 25 yds L$48.75 rl California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page. #42212"W x 25 yds L$102.75 rlCalifornia residents, see left page.ApplicationsFAX800.437.2966 AliMed.com 800.225.2610Minimal stretch alternative.Velfoam/Velfoam #2 StrappingSoft padded loop. Velfoam has a foam backing to help prevent slippage. Velfoam #2 has loop on two sides, making it more versatile than standard Velfoam. Commonly used for disposable splints. For a stretch-free alternative, try Beta Pile II Loop (above). 15\'L.Cycle Life: LowPeel Strength: LowShear: MediumStretch: Minimal Suggested Hook: MedicalHand-wash onlyHook Sensitive: Velfoam: One Side Velfoam #2: Both SidesDouble-Sided Hook Pads fasten two VELFOAM surfaces together, eliminating sewing. 40/pk. #4490WHITE, 6"W$33.00 rl1"W x 1 12 "L eachVELFOAM #2 #4240$31.00 pk #4491BEIGE, 2"W$26.75 rlCalifornia residents, see left page. #4492BEIGE, 6"W$50.75 rlCalifornia residents, see left page.205'