b'WRIST AND HANDChoose neoprene for The difference warmth and compression.is the grip!Dorsal stay wont limit grasp.CARPAL TUNNEL SUPPORTSUnlike traditional wrist cock-up braces, which feature a palmar stay that can limit grasp,FREEDOMGrip-Fit Splints move the stay to the back of the hand, allowing the freedom to firmly hold anything from a tennis racquet to a hand tool. Finger motion is unimpeded and a tight grasp is still possible. So how does Grip-Fit helpreat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? FREEDOM CTS Neoprene Grip-FitWashableBluetInstead of restricting wrist motion with aSplints offer soothing warmth for arthritisSizing: Measure around wrist at smallest point.rigid stay, Grip-Fit Splints limit extremes ofsufferers, cool workplace environments, or whenS, 5"-6"; M, 6"-634"; L, 634"-734"; XL, 734"-834".motion with a dynamic, dorsal stay. The resultwarmth is prescribed for relief of discomfort.#5108$32.75 eais greater patient compliance as the wearerDorsal stay limits extremes of motion. StretchableSpecify size and Left or Right. is gently reminded to maintain a neutral wristneoprene covered with nylon. California residents, see left page.position. The more the patient flexes/extends against the stay, the greater the corrective force. Moving the stay to the dorsum of the hand eliminates any pressure on the carpalChoose AliDry for breathable, tunnel.When youre looking for a carpal tunnelodor-free comfort.brace that promotes daily activities yet limits and controls unwanted motion, choose FREEDOM Grip-Fit Splints. Support with the FREEDOM to functionwhether at work, rest, or play.FAX800.437.2966Choose neoprene or AliDry Neoprene provides soothing warmth,while AliDry allows air and moisture to pass through freely, reducing odor and perspiration.FREEDOM CTS AliDry Grip-Fit SplintsAliMed.com 800.225.2610Cool, comfortable support for all-day wear. AliDry allows air and moisture to pass through freely, reducing odor and perspiration. Great for sports, for users desiring a splint that wicks away moisture, or anyone who wants an easy-to-apply splint. They fit comfortably inside work gloves, and the lightweight elastic interior allows easy slip-on application. Dorsal stay limits extremes of motion. WashableBlackSizing: Measure around wrist at smallest point. S, 5"-6"; M, 6"-634"; L, 634"-734"; XL, 734"-834".#51242$29.75 ea AliDry: Air and moisture pass Specify size and Left or Right.through freelyCalifornia residents, see left page.129'