b'Cushion and protect fragile heelsFOOT AND ANKLE Low-friction exterior slides easily on bed linensFootPillow withAvailable in Heel Boot shown Standard andn Silicone-covered Bariatric sizes fibers reduce frictionSilicore Foot PillowsInsert into Spenco Boot for extra padding. Comforting relief of pressure for feet, heels, and ankleswhether user is confined to bed or wheelchair. Hook-and-FootPillowsLow-friction, water- Sizing: Standard or Bariatric. loop closure. Machine-washable. One size. Sold resistant nylon exterior slides easilySTANDARD, 4"W x 9"L in pairs.HEEL PILLOWS on bed linens to help maintain proper BARIATRIC, 5"W x 10"L #6698FOOT PILLOW PRposition of heel and reduce skin#65935FOOTPILLOW PRshear. Supports heel and protects#65936FOOTPILLOW6/PRAchilles and malleoli against skin breakdown.#65938ONE FOOTPILLOW w/BOOT EASkin-friendly, seamless, water-resistant micro- #66076COATED HEEL BOOT ONLY suede interior contains Sanitized AG antimicrobial(USE WITH STANDARD ONLY) PRagent. Fabric-lined hook-and-loop closures. Fits1 2 1 2left or right. Standard model measures 4" across#65382FOOTPILLOW PRat heel and 9"L. Bariatric model measures 5 12 "W#65942FOOTPILLOW6/PRat heel and 10 12 "L. Waterproof, vinyl-covered Coated Heel Boot can be used with Standardn Cotton cover with FootPillow for added fluid protection. Durable andmicrofiber fillingmachine-washable.Heel PillowsHollow-core microfiber filling with soft cotton exterior. Hook-and-loop fasteners. Machine-washable. One size. Sold in pairs.Foam Protector can be#70502HEEL PILLOW PRn Vinyl boot positions foot used alone or as a liner Heel Boot and Foam ProtectorsSturdy, vinyl-covered boot suspends heel and positions foot. Wipes clean. Replaceable,nBrushed Cozy Cloth convoluted Foam Protector ensures fully cushioned malleoli. Foam protector can be usedUltrasoft Foam as a liner or alone. Hand-wash/air-dry. One size.Heel Cushions#64044BOOT AND FOAM PROTECTOR EA Brushed polyester FAX800.437.2966 #6681FOAM PROTECTOR PR Cozy Cloth cover Additional shipping charges may apply.reduces skin shear. Machine-washable. One size. Sold in pairs.#63256ULTRASOFT FOAM HEEL CUSHION PR866.936.2987AliMed.comn Low-shear exteriorFleece HeelCups cushionn Breathable forheel in bed or chair tocool comforthelp prevent skinStay-Put Heel ProtectorsMicroSpring breakdown. Wont roll offn Moisture-reducing Textile offers breathable, antimicrobial protection heels. Low-friction nylon outerfor fragile skin. Wont roll or slip off. Machine covering helps heel cup slide easily onHeel ProtectorsThree-layer laminate with soft,washable.bed linens to maintain proper position on heel. Fullyhydrophilic fabric top and bottom readily wicks padded to protect heel and malleoli. Syntheticaway moisture. This fabric cushions and promotesSizing: Measure foot at widest point around heel/instep. fleece interior reduces pressure. Washable. Oneair circulation to help avoid skin maceration.S, up to 12"; M, 12"-141 2 "; L, 141 2 "-151 2 "; XL, 151 2 "+.size. Sold in pairs. Adjustable straps position foot and ankle securely#66420HEEL PROTECTOR EAin the protector. One size. Sold in pairs. #6642006HEEL PROTECTOR6/CS #65933FLEECE HEEL CUP PR#66518HEEL PROTECTOREA Specify size.52 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'