b'Leg HoldersSURGICAL TABLE ACCESSORIESReduce cross-contamination risksBESTSELLER!0oOdeduretKane padsare fluid-proofand seamOess for easier FOeaninJFluid-Proof Arthroscopic Leg Holders Weve taken a tried-and-true design and made it better by adding enhancements to resist cross-contamination hazards. Durable stainless steel frame is easy to disinfect andEasy to cleanLEG HOLDERSwithstands repeated cleanings. Firm, molded urethane9"pads are \x1euid-proof and seamless for easier cleaning10"and secure around the thigh to keep the operative leg from moving during arthroscopic procedures. Low-pro\x1fle design easily pivots 180 for use on right or left leg and adjusts horizontally and vertically for secure positioning. Round post, compatible with a Clark Socket (sold separately below).16 12 "W x 8 12 "HAdjusts 9" horizontally and 10" vertically12"L stainless steel mounting post10.5 lbs.100-lb. capacity3-year warranty#937824LEG HOLDER$1,999.00 ea#937130CLARK SOCKET PLUS SLIDE-ON$241.25 ea Watch the video at AliMed.com/arthroscopic-leg-holderCalifornia residents, see left page.\'eOu[e\x0f sinJOe-use pads Kave duaO-Oa\\er proteFtive foam 5emovaEOe post for drapinJn One-handed adjustmentDeluxe Arthroscopic Leg Holder SystemsUnidirectional locking mechanism sets rigid \x1fxation with one-hand operation. Hinged upper brace. Applies FAX800.437.2966pressure both medially and laterally. Ratchet-style security strap. Includes three single-patient-use pads. 9" Deluxe Replacement Leg Holder PadsOuter pad is slightly compressible, inner pad is fully 10" compressible. Secures with hook-and-loop fasteners. Not made with natural rubber latex. 12/cs.AliMed.com 800.225.2610#932480DELUXE SYSTEM$2,905.37 ea#932645EASY-LOCK SOCKET$434.66 eanLow-pro\x1ele, quadrilaterally shaped pads #932479REPL. PADS, 12/cs$478.50 cs ($39.88 ea)Additional shipping charges may apply. Waterproof Arthroscopic Leg Holders withCalifornia residents, see left page.low- pro\x1fle, anatomically correct, quadrilaterally shaped pads. Ratchet adjustment. Lateral pad may be angled. Round post, compatible with a ClarkOperative Leg Holder Replacement Pads Socket (two required, sold separately below). 16 12 "W x 8 12 "HAdjusts 9" horizontally and 10"Reusable Economical, verticallyPivots 360 for use with left or right leg12"L x58 "-diam. stainless steel mounting postFor patientsVinyl-CoatedSingle Useover eight years old10.5 lbs.100-lb. capacityFluid-proof As low as#95-484LEG HOLDER$3,314.28 ea and seamless$19.95 ea!#937130CLARK SOCKET PLUS SLIDE-ON$241.25 ea p. 96 p. 96California residents, see left page.97'