b'Head and Neck PositionersPOSITIONERSSUP Conforms to patient\'s unique shapeAvailable inBEST4 heights Adjustable SurgicalSELLER!Thyroid Positioners 7"W are designed for patients 10"L undergoing surgical procedures, which may require extension of the neck. Easily SUP LAT FOW TRE REV in\x1eatable positioner supports the neck and conforms to the patient\'s Small RectanglesChoose from 1"H, 2"Hunique shape. Fully welded edges (Blue Vinyl only), 3"H, and 4"H. Available inallow for complete disinfection for reusable Radiolucent Blue Vinyl, ideal for Radiology,better infection control and are strong and Conductive Black Vinyl, ideal for O.R. enough to withstand a higher weight REUSABLE FOAM7"W x10"Lcapacity for use with larger patients.HEIGHTBLUE VINYLBLACK VINYL Durable and reusable, reducing waste 1"#91-351$45.00 ea#931701$54.25 ea associated with disposable positioners. One size \x1fts most.2"#9-675$49.00 ea 3"#91-353$50.00 ea#931703$58.25 ea Fluid-resistantNot made with natural 4"#91-354$50.00 ea#931704$64.25 ea rubber latexCalifornia residents, see left page. #937119$265.00 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.9" diam. shownProneHead Headrest DonutSUP LIT FOW TRE REVPRO SUPReusable Head Donuts of\x1eoad pressure from occipital protrusion to protect the Light Cloud Head PositionersEconomical, reusable patient from pressure injuries and possiblepositioners maintain superior pressure management. Thin, blindness. Protect the head, neck, and ears.seamless, bonded coating for easy cleaning. Not made with Recommended for supine, lateral, and lithotomy.natural rubber latex. Prone Headrest includes tube channel to Also use to protect knees in prone. Conductiveallow for ocular visualization. Head Donut distributes pressure black vinyl cover is durable, and easily wipeson back of head in supine position.cleanideal for O.R.FAX800.437.2966S: 1 12 "H x 6" diam.L: 1 12 "H x 9" diam. Prone Headrest: 9"W x 9"L x 6"H (3"H at chin and forehead) Head Donut: 9" O.D. x 2"H4" I.D.#930484S$43.00 ea #933156PRONE HEADREST$57.42 ea#95-681L$49.00 ea #933157HEAD DONUT, 3/pk$94.69 pkCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. AliMed.com 800.225.26106" diam., Reusable Vinyl-Coated Foam Optionsshown in Blue Vinyl Protecta-Coat and InvisiCoat Positioners both feature durable, protective vinyl coatings that are seamless, impervious to \x1euids, and embedded with ionic silver for antimicrobial protection.SUP LIT FOW TRE REVHead DiscsIdeal for use during shorterProtecta-CoatInvisiCoat procedures. Provides balanced pressure distribution to back of head. Available in reusable CurvedRadiolucent Blue Vinyl, ideal for Radiology, andedgesConductive Black Vinyl, ideal for O.R Lower-cost alternative Award-winning curved-edge 1 12 "H x 6" diam. to gel positioners withdesign reduces artifacts easy-to-clean properties. and lines for cleaner, clearer #9-676BLUEVINYL$49.00 eaIdeal for surgery. Yellow. images. Ideal for imaging. Blue.#931712BLACKVINYL$48.00 ea pp. 50-52 pp. 48, 49California residents, see left page.MORE REUSABLE FOAM POSITIONERSPP. 58, 59 57'