b'Positioners(contd.)Isolette/Bassinet Padp. 67Pediatric Positioning Setp. 67Prone Headrestp. 66 Sandbags Surgical Instruments Upper ExtremitiesSandbagCircumcisionArm SlingSupine Headrest pp. 62, 63 Clamp AliMed.comp. 66 p. 238TRIC PRODUCT GUIDE A ECervical CollarWedge AliMed.comUncovered, p. 60Speech & Cognition Therapy & ExerciseProtecta-Coat, p. 51CriticalBalanceVinyl-Covered, p. 54 Communicator AliMed.com Clavicle Supportp. 376AliMed.comRadiation Ice FingerGlitter PuttyProtection AliMed.com AliMed.com Elbow SleeveBreast AliMed.comX D INShieldLanguage/Cognition Therapyp. 160 Positioner Finger Splint I D QUICK-FIND PEAliMed.comAliMed.com AliMed.comCT Attenuation Garment Oral Motor TheraTog System p. 161 Wrist SupportAliMed.com AliMed.com p. 351Gonad Shieldand Diaper The Breather 1.1 TogRitep. 160 p. 229 Strapping Wheelchairs & SeatingAliMed.com Multi-Use/ Patient Apron Roll Chairp. 161 Therapy Aids Tumble FormsAliMed.comFAX800.437.2966AliMed.com Carrie SystemAliMed.com Tumble Form SeatingThyroid Collar AliMed.comp. 160 Skillbuilders Roll and WedgeAliMed.comStraps Wallaby800.225.2610 AliMed.comWheelchairAliStrap Soft SkillbuilderAliMed.comSafe Patientp. 19 Swing SeatHandling AliMed.com Wheelchair CushionAliSlide HalfBaby BoardTadpole AliMed.comShifter Strap AliMed.comp. 19p. 212 Wound CareWalker Belt UniversalTumble Forms RollCoFlexAliMed.com Econo Strap and Wedge p. 359p. 16 AliMed.comMain Product Index continued403'