b'Laundry CartsSTORAGE AND ORGANIZATIONStandard 2-Shelf CartWide 3-Shelf CartJumbo 3-Shelf Cart Tall, shown in shown in Royal Blue shown in Royal Blue shown in PuttyGrey n Lightweight, durable, and economicalITEM #SHELVESW x H x DPRICEPVC Linen Carts are heavy-duty, durable, STANDARD LAUNDRY CARTSand available in your choice of sizes. Shelves are#933756230" x 42" x 22"$333.75 eaadjustable for easy cleaning and for maximum#933757330" x 581 4 " x 22"$412.00 eaShown with storage space. Convenient hook-and-loop closures WIDEoptional Vinyl Cover on cover save time and wont rust, tear, or break,#933758352" x 601 4 " x 22"$584.00 eaunlike snaps. Extra-wide, heavy-duty 5" casters JUMBO(front two locking). Push-bar on both ends.#933759358" x 601 4 " x 22"$618.25 eaRemovable mesh covering for easy cleaning.Specify cover color. See chart below. Additional shipping charges may apply. Cover included! California residents, see left page. Cover colorsMauve Royal Blue Putty Navyn Multiple size options Up to 20 bushels capacityBushel TrucksHeavy-duty steel tubular base and vinyl/nylon, \x1fre-retardant laminate liner. Assembles in minutes. Wide, shown in Four 3 12 " casters, in standard or all-swivel patternDark Blue DIMENSIONSCAPACITYnConvert from clean linen deliveryITEM #W x H x DVOLUME WEIGHTPRICEto soiled linen bulk #934925353 4 " x 273 4 " x 231 2 "8 bushels300 lbs$238.67 ea#934926373 4 " x 293 4 " x 253 4 " 10 bushels350 lbs$265.48 eaTurn About Trucks convert from a clean#93492738" x 303 4 " x 281 4 "12 bushels400 lbs$274.07 ealinen delivery truck to a soiled linen bulk truck by#93492842" x 321 4 " x 301 2 " 14 bushels 500 lbs$293.66 eaFAX800.437.2966repositioning shelves from horizontal to vertical#934929411 2 " x 353 4 " x 30" 16 bushels 525 lbs$296.38 eaposition. 1"-diameter support poles handle heavy#93493044" x 353 4 " x 32" 18 bushels 550 lbs$333.46 eapayloads with ease. Durable chrome-plated wire#934931493 4 " x 351 4 " x 34" 20 bushels 600 lbs$350.97 eashelving. Tough double-wall poly base. Rugged 6" non-marking ball bearing casters (2 \x1fxed, 2 swivel)Specify liner color (see chart at right) Liner colors:ensure smooth rolling. Available in Tall or Wide.and standard or all-swivel casters.Additional shipping charges may apply.Yellow Dark Blue Grey Optional \x1fre-retardant White Vinyl Cover includes AliMed.com 800.225.2610VELCRO-brand closures and a shock corded rimCalifornia residents, see left page. for snug \x1ft.48 cubic feet2,000-lb. capacityTall: 48"L x 68"H xn Top-loading cart29"D160 lbs.Wide: 60"L x 56"H x 29"D163 lbs. Standard Laundry CartsBasket is 9- andVinyl Cover for #934921: 48"L x 31"DFlap up: 12"H Flap Down: 56"HWhiteVinyl Cover for #934922:3-gauge wire with either plated chrome \x1fnish or 60"L x 31"DFlap up: 12"HFlap Down: 44"HWhite copolymer coating. Equipped with a grey basketSingle bumper for protection. Four 5" Clean WheelPole#934921*TALL$1,178.06 ea System casters prevent lint and thread pickup. #934922*WIDE$1,240.12 ea Add a Single or Double Pole rack for pushing or #934923VINYL COVER FOR #934921$170.72 ea hanging clothes. #934924VINYL COVER FOR #934922$214.24 ea*Specify Truck color: Dark Blue, White, or Grey.Basket: 26 34 "W x 11"H x 22"DOverall: 65"H with pole rack; Additional shipping charges may apply.27"H without Double California residents, see left page. #934919 CART$165.57 ea Pole#935054w/SINGLE POLE$202.91 ea Cart#935053 w/DOUBLE POLE$202.91 eaAdditional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page. 339'