b'Amsco 1080/2080* 1080/2080* MidmarkMidmark7100 Skytron3100 MRI Support SurfacesAmsco 7100 Skytron3100AliMed MRI Support Surfaces are designed for the particular needs of MRI procedures. Our three-piece sets are easy to maneuver withAll support surfaces offervarious coil con\x1fgurations. Surfaces are only " to Amsco 3080/3085* 3080/3085* MidmarkMidmarkSolid Table 1" thick, minimizing space in the bore. Each set isinfection control benefits!MRIAmsco Solid Table Skytron3500* 3500*Skytron made of three sections for versatility, allowing you Am 080* to place them according to your coil con\x1fguration.Skytron Amsco 1080/2 sco 1080/2080* MidmarkMidmark7100 Skytron3100 31007100Select your surface (below) for the best choice in patient comfort and durability for MRI scanning.Out\x1ftting your facility? Let AliMed be the resource for all your support surface needs. Amsco C-Max* C-Max* Shampaine Shampaine11940000/1500/1900 Call for volume discounts.3501BAmsco 1400/1500/ Skytron3501BSkytron Amsco 3080/3 sco 3080/3085* MidmarkMi lid Ta rkSolid Table Skytron3500* 3500*Am 085* So dma ble Skytron Ships withinAmsco Amsco 1100 Amsco C-Max* C-Max* 2605 NLB 2-p2c605 NLB 2-pc 5 business days! Skytron3501B 3501BSUPPORT SURFACESAmsco Shampaine Shampaine11940000/1500/1900 Skytron 1400/1500/Uro Endo 110U0ro EndoShampaine ShampaineSkytronSkytron3600*3600*Amsco Uromsco 110 1100 Shampaine ShampaineSkytron3600* 3600*A EndoU0ro Endo2605 NLB 2-p2c605 NLB 2-pc Skytron BASIC BEST PREMIUM SAVER DELUXEPolyfoam SELLER! T-Foam and Closed-Cell Foam Closed-Cell FoamMaquet 1130, 3-pc 1130, 3-pc Shampaine ShampaineSkytron5000/6000 S5p0lit0t0in/6g,0 040-p Scplitting, 4-pcMaquet 2605 NLH 3-p2c605 NLH 3-pc Skytron with Blue Vinyl Cover with Anti-Shear Elastic Cover with Seamless, Vinyl CoatingBest for: 1" Best for:1" Best for: Maquet 1130, 3 uet 1130, 3-pc Economical optionLH 3-p2c605 NLH 3-pc Longer studies and/or 5000/60 n S5p0lit0t0in/6g,0 040-p Sc Tight spaces where a12 "Maq -pc Shampaine ShampaineSkytronSkytro 00 plitting, 4-pc2605 Nfor short-termminimizing patientthin surface is desirable. studies. movement andSeamless for maximum maximizing comfort. infection control.Maquet 1130, 4-pc 1130, 4-pc Shampaine Shampaine4900 Skytron5001/6001/6650001/6/650001/6/6560000H/6D5*00/6500HD*Maquet 4900 Skytron Foam: Standard open-cell Polyfoam offers ampleFoam: T-Foam, also known as memory foam, offersFoam: Closed-cell foam construction reduces cushioning for comfort during short studies. 1" thick. top-of-the-line pressure management. Molds topressure and bottoming outwithout adding extra Maquet 1130, 4 uet 1130, 4-pc Shampaine Shampaine4900 Skytron5001/ tron/6650001/6/650001/6/6560000H/6D5*00/6500HD*Maq -pc 4900 Sky 6001Cover: Blue vinyl cover is radiolucent, bacteriostatic,the body and cradles the patient, thereby reducingdepth. Dense foam offers \x1frm, resilient comfort and \x1eame-retardant.movement during scans.34 " T-Foam on top of a14 "with minimal compression.12 " thick.Fluid-Proof Welded Seams*: Stitch-free,closed-cell foam bottom that prevents bottoming out. Coating: Sprayed with high-tech liquid vinyl that ultrasonically welded seams wont fray or unravel.Cover: Anti-shear royal blue elastic cover to reducecreates a 100% bond to the foam. Durable light Maquet Alpha Star Alpha Star Shampaine ShampaineMidmark7100 6001 w/Foot6 C0u0t1o wut/Foot Cut out Skytron3100Maquet Amsco 1080/2080* SkytronSkytron Radi-Op 1501Radi-Op 1501 skin shear and allow greater approximation to bodyblue coating is \x1euid-proof and easy to wipe down.FAX800.437.2966surfaces. Radiolucent, bacterios tatic, \x1eame-retardant. 1080/2080* i- ai p 1501Radi-Op 1501 Midmark7100 6001tron oot6 C0u0t1o wut/F Seamless: Foam is coated in liquid vinyl to create Maquet Alpha quet Alpha Star Shampaine Shamp O neSkytronSky w/F oot Cutout Skytron3100MaStar Amsco Rad Fluid-Proof Welded Seams*: Stitch-free,a seamless surface.ultrasonically welded seams wont fray or unravel. *Seams are not radiolucent, but are strategically located on pad edges. Maquet Alpha Star MAaxlpha Star Max Skytron3080/3085* 1700 MidmarkSolid Table Skytron6700 (-35)* Skytron3500*Maquet Amsco 1700 Skytron6700 (-35)*SkytronPHILIPS, SIEMENS, TOSHIBA, 3-pc GE 1.5T and 3T, 3-pc Skytron3500* AliMed.com 800.225.2610MaStar Maxlpha Star Max Amsco 1700 Skytron67 kyt -35)*Maquet Alpha quet A Skytron3080/3085* 1700 MidmarkSolid Table 00 ( ron6700 (-35)*SkytronS19 12 " 15"14" 28" 28" 13" 27" 27"One 14"W x 19 12 "L pad, two 28"W x 19 12 "L pads One 13"W x 15"L pad, two 27"W x 15"L padsAmsco C-Max* Shampaine1400/1500/1900 Skytron3501BAmsco C-Max* Shampaine1400/1500/1900 Skytron3501B#935239BASIC$345.50 set #938291BASIC$345.50 set Made to order#938290PREMIUM SAVER$615.00 set #935192PREMIUM SAVER$615.00 set#935243DELUXE$804.00 set #935244DELUXE$804.00 set PRODUCTS JUST FOR YOUCalifornia residents, see below. California residents, see below.Please con\x1erm the make, model, and size of your surface before ordering. Surfaces are not returnable. Additional models availableAmsco Uro Endo 1100 Shampaine2605 NLB 2-pc Skytron3600*Amsco Uro Endo 1100 Shampaine2605 NLB 2-pc Skytron3600* Visit AliMed.com/made-to-orderCalifornia Proposition 65 StatementWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov. 185Maquet 1130, 3-pc Shampaine2605 NLH 3-pc Skytron5000/6000 Splitting, 4-pcMaquet 1130, 3-pc Shampaine2605 NLH 3-pc Skytron5000/6000 Splitting, 4-pcMaquet 1130, 4-pc Shampaine4900 Skytron5001/6001/6600/6500/6500HD*Maquet 1130, 4-pc Shampaine4900 Skytron5001/6001/6600/6500/6500HD*Maquet Alpha Star ShampaineRadi-Op 1501 Skytron6001 w/Foot CutoutMaquet Alpha Star ShampaineRadi-Op 1501 Skytron6001 w/Foot CutoutMaquet Alpha Star Max Skytron1700 Skytron6700 (-35)*Maquet Alpha Star Max Skytron1700 Skytron6700 (-35)*'