b'Cleaningn No chemicals needed n Disinfect quickly between patientsMRI Micro\x1fber Flat Mops cleanMagnaWands reach inside the MRI magnet boredirt, dust, grease, and grime from anyto clean and disinfect those dif\x1fcult-to-reach places in MRI\x1eoor surfaceno solvents, solutions,seconds. Easily clean between procedures withoutor chemicals. Eliminates drag andlosing valuable scanning time. Disposable pads can be friction commonly associated withused with any spray disinfectant or cleaning solution. other mopseven other micro\x1fbers.BONUS! Buy a kit and get a 32-oz. bottle of Trapezoid shape signi\x1fcantly reducesdirt trails. Use dry for dusting, wetPureGreen24 , which is proven effective against for cleaning. Telescoping handledangerous bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Complete MagnaWand Kit comes with wand,extends to 60". Machine-washable 25 disposable pads, and a 32-oz. spray bottle of micro\x1fber cloth ReplacementPureGreen24.\'isposaEOe 3ad is Mop Head sold separately below.easiO\\ eMeFted into MR-conditional to 3Tesla +andOeMR-safe trasK ZitK out touFKinJ adMusts up#935134MAGNAWAND KIT$296.75 kit Fontaminated surfaFeto \x19\x13\x05 #935109DISPOSABLE PADS, 100/pk$221.75 pk5epOaFement 0op +ead #935110MAGNAWAND ONLY$185.40 ea #93685312PUREGREEN24, 32 oz, 12/cs$156.75 cs CLEANING($13.06 ea)#936852PUREGREEN24, GALLON, 4/cs$182.00 cs ($45.50 ea)Additional shipping charges may apply.California residents, see left page.BONUS! \'isinfeFtant inFOuded in Nit #927880 MOP$85.25 ea#927881REPL. MOP HEAD$40.00 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.\x15\x18 3ads inFOuded ZitK Nitn Stands on its own *reat for use ZitK $nJOe-&ut MRI Handled Dust%room\x0f soOd Pans stand up so youseparateO\\\x0fnever have to bend over.at riJKtFootrest pads, enhanced angled bottom, re\x1fned front edge, and increased tray capacity. Ergonomic L grip handle. Nonmagnetic. 12"W x 37"H x 11"DMR-safe Broom not includedFAX800.437.2966#927864$97.75 ea A. %OoFN-&ut 3usK %room +ead B. $nJOe-&ut %room +ead C. ErJonomiF +\\JieniF \'ustpanCalifornia residents, see left page.D. %room +andOeA./B. Broom HeadsStiff, green polyesterC. Ergonomic Hygienic DustpansMoldedAliMed.com 800.225.2610bristles af\x1fxed to white poly propylene broompolypropylene. Raised handle with thumb grip. head. Meets FDA, USDA, and EC requirements.Meets FDA requirements. Create an account at Requires European thread handle, sold separately12 12 "W x 11 12 "L x 2" thickMR-safeGreenat right. Choose from Block-Cut Push Broom AliMed.com Head or Angle-Cut Broom Head. #927867$56.75 eaMR-safeGreen w/whiteBlock-Cut: 18"L x 2" thick California residents, see left page. 2 15 "L bristlesAngle-Cut: 9"L x 1"thick6"L bristlesD. Fiberglass Broom Handles with European taper to 4"L thread \x1ft both Block-Cut and Angle-Cut Broom \x17\x03 View your order status and invoices A.#927877BLOCK-CUT$255.18 ea Heads, sold at left.\x17\x03 See your contract pricing B.#927878ANGLE-CUT$101.67 ea 51"LMR-safeGreen \x17\x03 Manage your account and sub-users California residents, see left page. #927879$101.67 ea \x17\x03 Access wish lists and recommendations California residents, see left page.203'