b'Diagnostic ToolsManometers StethoscopesMRIn Impact-resistant n Single-patient-use n High-quality acousticsMRI SphygmomanometersImpact-resistant,Disposable Stethoscopes for single-patient- MRI StethoscopesLightweight, nonmagnetic. shock-absorbing. Micro\x1flter protects the valveuse in contagious areas. Outstanding acousticNonchilling, high-sensitivity contact diaphragm. and movement. Oversized in\x1eator speeds up performance. Three-point c onnector eliminatesUse in high magnetic \x1felds. Excellent acoustics cuff in\x1eation. In\x1eator spoon can be set for left-the need for binaurals. May be safely incinerated. for easier diagnosis. Latex tubing.DIAGNOSTIC TOOLSand right-handed users. Not made with naturalLightweight acrylic resinIndividually wrapped MR-conditional up to 3Teslarubber latex.Nontoxic1 oz.MR-safeYellow#920343$283.75 eaMercury-freeMR-conditional up to 1.5Tesla #96-046100/cs$162.75 cs ($1.63 ea) California residents, see left page.#927466ADULT CUFF$465.25 ea California residents, see left page.#927467INFANT CUFF$581.50 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.IV Stands OximetrynSimpli\x1eed patient monitoringMRI Pulse OximetersSimple, universal tool for monitoring a patients pulse and blood oxygen n Economical saturation during MRI scans.)iEer-2ptiF 6ensorEcono IV StandsAll aluminumIncorporates a \x1fber-optic sensor construction. 24"-diameter,to meet the unique needs of MRI&ertied FompatiEOe ZitK \x1fve-leg base with oversizedusers for patient safety and image6iemens 6\\mpKon\\ and 3" monster casters (2 withquality. When used with Nonins6onata 05I s\\stemsbrakes). Pole adjusts fromFiber-Optic Sensors and Cables, the risk of 49"-95"H. Choose Two orRF burns and image artifacts is eliminated. Low- 6ensor &aEOeFour Hooks.pro\x1fle. Carrying case included. MR-conditional to 3Tesla #9277567500FO MRI PULSE OXIMETER$2,639.00 ea #921161DATA MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE, #921803TWO-HOOK$524.50 ea #921159*20\'L FIBER-OPTIC SENSOR AND CABLE7500FO$830.22 eaFAX800.437.2966#921802FOUR-HOOK$517.50 ea $1,655.39 ea #921162SERIAL CABLE$135.00 ea#925463*30\'L FIBER-OPTIC SENSOR AND CABLECalifornia residents, see left page.Additional shipping charges may apply.$1,863.45 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. * Specify size (Adult/Pediatric or Infant/Pedi atric)Prices vary according to size. California residents, see left page. AliMed.com 800.225.2610Bring light where you need it.nWall Saver end caps help prevent scuff marks n Extended-length arm \x17\x13\x05/ IV StandsMade of top-qualityadMustaEOe stainless steel. 24"-diameter,MRI Mobile Exam LightsGreat for exams wherearm\x1fve-leg aluminum base providesnonmagnetic products are required. Produces a bright light of excellent stability. Telescopes46,000 lux/4,300 footcandles at 0.5 meter with 3,000 Kelvin light from 74" to 110"H.color temperature. Features a 40"L heavy-duty, nonmagnetic Nonmagnetic 2" casters.stainless steel, adjustable arm for a broad range of motion.Choose Two or Four 45"H x 25" diam.40"L stainless steel, adjustable armWeighted mobile Rams Horn Hooks. caster baseIncludes 30\'L power cord120V, 60 Hz40 lbs.Available in 230-240V add/50Hz AC by special orderMR-conditional to 3TeslaMR-conditional to 3Tesla3-year warrantyWhite#9-364TWO-HOOK$717.91 ea #920340EXAM LIGHT$4,240.17 ea#931252FOUR-HOOK$753.21 ea#922004REPL. 12V/50W/10 HALOGEN BULB$112.00 eaAdditional shipping charges may apply.Additional shipping charges may apply.California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. 195'