b'ORTHOPEDIC BRACING AND CASTING Fracture BracesAcromion relief forHumeral Fracture Orthoses greater comfort in(HFO) for diaphyseal humeral abduction fractures, support after removal of internal or external \x1fxation, or as an adjunct to internal \x1fxation. Two-part anterior/Humeral Fractureposterior design allowsUlnar Fracture Orthoses (UFO) provide Orthosis (Over thegreater circumferentialsupport for diaphyseal ulnar fractures, after Shoulder) (HFO-OS) forcompression andremoval of internal or external \x1fxation, or as an diaphyseal humeraladjusts to volumetricadjunct to internal \x1fxation. Two-part dorsal/volar fractures, support afterchanges duringdesign for increased circumferential compression. removal of internal orhealing. Full elbowAllows full elbow and wrist ROM. Includes two external \x1fxation, or asand shoulder ROM.stockinette sleeves.an adjunct to internalTrim with scissors.1\x1fxation. Two-partHook-and-loop 8 "-thick foam paddingmedial/lateral increasesstrapping. Modify1 1Sizing: Measure circumference at largest part of forearm. circumferential compression. Plastic deltoidwith heat gun. S, 8"-11"; M, 92 "-122 "; L, 11"-14".extension adds protection and helps prevent distalInternal AliPlastpadding. Includes two cotton#51310$63.50 eaFRACTURE BRACES stockinette sleeves. Fits left or right.migration. Full elbow ROM. Includes two1 Specify size and Left or Right.stockinette sleeves. Fits left or right.8 "-thick foam padding California residents, see below.18 "-thick foam padding Sizing: Measure circumference at largest part of biceps.Sizing: Measure circumference at largest part of biceps. #51311$63.50 ea#51312$78.00 ea Specify size.Specify size. California residents, see below. California residents, see below.SIZE CIRC. MEDIAL LATERAL SIZE CIRC. MEDIAL LATERAL Wrist-Hand-ThumbLENGTH LENGTH LENGTH LENGTH S8"-11"55 16 "97 8 "S8"-11"43 4 "6" M11"-14"55 8 "10 34 "M11"-14"51 4 "6 34 " L12"-15"6 12 "11 34 "L12"-15"65 8 "127 8 " Wrist-Hand XL14"-17"65 8 "127 8 "XL14"-17"71 8 "135 8 " n RadiolucentWrist-Hand-Thumb PlastiCasts for Tibial FractureTibial Fracturerigid wrist/thumb immobilization with full-Orthoses StandardOrthoses (TFO- \x1fnger ROM. Both models are made with a (TFO) w/Shoe Insert forPTB) w/Shoe Insert forsemirigid poly ethylene shell with a18 "-thick diaphyseal fractures of tibiadiaphyseal fractures of tibiathermo-bonded, closed-cell poly ethylene foam and \x1fbula. Two-part anterior/ and \x1fbula. Extended anteriorinterior. Hook-and-loopclosures. Ventilated. posterior shell enables fullshell covers patellaHypoallergenic. Water-resistant. Modify with motion of ankle and knee(Sarmiento PTB design) andscissors and heat gun. Cotton stockinette liner joints to help preventoffers additional medial/lateralsupplied. Wrist-Hand PlastiCasts immobilize FAX800.437.2966 stiffness. Complete withsupport. Two-part shell enableswrist while allowing full \x1fnger/thumb ROM. double-axis shoe insert forfull motion of ankle and kneeShell: Semirigid polyethyleneInterior:18 "-thick suspension and medial/lateraljoints to help prevent stiffness.thermo-bonded, closed-cell polyethylene foam support. Includes twoComplete with double-axis shoeSizing: Measure wrist and forearm circumference.stockinette sleeves.insert and medial/lateral support.See chart below.18 "-thick foam padding Includes two stockinette sleeves.Sizing: Measure circumference18 "-thick foam padding #510272WRIST-HAND-THUMB$64.00 ea800.225.2610AliMed.com at largest part of calf.#510271WRIST-HAND$55.75 eaSizing: Measure circumference atSpecify size and Left or Right. #62910$154.00 ea largest part of calf.California residents, see below.Specify size and #62909$192.75 ea CIRCUMFERENCELeft or Right. Specify size and Left or Right. SIZEMP DIAMETERWRISTFOREARMCalifornia residents, see below. California residents, see below. S2 34 "- 3 14 "7"- 8"8"- 10" OF BRACE OF BRACE M3 14 "- 3 34 "8"- 9"10"- 12" SIZE CIRC. LENGTH SIZE CIRC. LENGTH L 3 34 "- 4"9"- 10"12"- 14" S12"-14"16 12 "-18 12 "S12"-14"16 12 "-18 12 "M14"-16 12 " 17 12 "-19 12 "M14"-16 12 " 17 12 "-19 12 " 12 "-19" 19 12 "-21 12 "M, LONG14"-16 12 "20 12 "-22 12 " Find L 16L 16 12 "-19" 19 12 "-21 12 " Miami FractureL, LONG16 12 "-19"22"-24" Braces online!AliMed.com/fracture-bracingCalifornia Proposition 65 StatementWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the State 348 of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov.'