b'Foam Optionsp. pp. POSITIONERSPolyfoam 60 Single-Use BEST 44-47pp. 50-52Uncovered Foam Uncovered Foam SELLER!Our lightweight Radiolucent Foam Positioners are constructedOur Single-Use Foam Positioners reduce the risk of cross-of durable Polyfoam. Seamless construction eliminates concerns aboutcontamination, making them ideal for use during surgical and imaging artifacts resulting from seams with no need to worry about billowingprocedures. Some products are available in vacuum-sealed sets for upholstery. easy storage. POSITIONER MATERIALSReduces cross-contaminationpp.pp. Protecta-Coat50-52 InvisiCoat48, 49Fluid-Proof, Vinyl-Coated Foam Low-Artifact, Vinyl-Coated FoamProtecta-Coat Positioners feature a protective vinyl coating thatInvisiCoat Radiolucent Positioners feature an award-winning is seamless, impervious to \x1euids, and embedded with ionic silver forcurved-edge design that reduces artifacts and lines for cleaner, clearer antimicrobial protection. The protective vinyl coating offers long-lastingimages. The seamless antimicrobial coating is \x1euid-proof, durable, and durability. easy to clean. Recommended for use in imaging or surgery.InvisiCoat Plus features a higher-density, closed-cell foam designed for larger patients to prevent bottoming out.FAX800.437.2966pp. Vinyl-Covered 54-59 AliMed.com 800.225.2610Reusable, Upholstered FoamDesigned speci\x1fcally for imaging and the O.R., our Radiolucent BlueMade to orderand Conductive Black Vinyl-Covered Foam Positioners are easy to clean and feature water-resistant seams strategically located on positioner edges to limit artifact interference. Both styles are antifungal,PRODUCTS JUST FOR YOUantibacterial, and \x1eame-retardant.AliMed partners with facilities to create products to improve patient positioning. With our experience and on-site manufacturing, we can design foam positionerscoated, vinyl-covered,Positioners or uncoveredto your speci\x1fcations.Simple ordering and fast turnaround atAliMed.com/made-to-order23'